DIY & Crafts: DIY Rainbows: A Paradise of Colors 

If we had to describe rainbows in only one word, it would be joyful. Seeing a rainbow in the sky always feels like such a magical experience and we usually end up taking many pictures of it because we want to capture the special moment. We could all do with more rainbows in our life, so here is a roundup of DIY rainbows that are bound to bring you joy!

1. Rainbow Balloon Arch 


Balloons are something that’s never missing from a party, but instead of just hanging them up in a random fashion, you can mindfully choose their colors and arrange them into a rainbow! This is a super fun project and you can find out more about it at Oh Happy Day!

2. Rainbow Fan Garland 


Another super fun party decoration that captures the magic of rainbows is the fan garland we found at Ice Cream Off Paper Plates! It’s a simple but efficient decoration option for any celebration, though we all know the real party is going to be the making-of process!

3. Rainbow Cookies 


We can’t think of anything better than edible rainbows! These rainbow cookies are a great choice for every occasion, be it a birthday party or just a casual afternoon gathering. Rainbows always uplift the room, so head over to Sweet Sugarbelle to get the recipe!

4. Rainbow Fairy Wands 


The best thing about being a child is the endless freedom to play pretend every single day. These rainbow fairy wands will help your kids create their own magical reality where they get to be the most powerful fairies! Find out how to make them at Rhythm of Play.

5. Rainbow Cup Cozy


Cup warmers or cup cozies recently became popular and it’s not hard to figure out why – aside from keeping your fingers safe from the hot beverage, they also look super cute and give your mug or drink on the go a much more stylish look! If you love these rainbow cup cozies, check in with Tuts+!

6. Rainbow Mobile 


Is your child wishing for a rainbow in their room? As a parent you want to give them everything they want and since you can’t really control the weather, this DIY rainbow mobile feels like a good alternative! You’ll need some dried pasta and the tutorial by B-Inspired Mama.

7. Rainbow Easter Basket


Easter is one of the most joyful family holidays. The kids get excited about egg hunting and even more so about all the candy they’ll get to eat! One can never have too much joy, so here’s an idea to include rainbows into the celebration with this gorgeous Easter basket we found at Lovely Indeed!

8. Rainbow Balloon Backdrop 


In the age of selfies and Snapchat, it can sometimes seem that staged photographs with special backdrops are becoming a thing of the past, but in fact the trend of the  DIY backdrops is just beginning! Make sure your photographs have the most magical background of all by creating yet another gem from Oh Happy Day!

9. Rainbow Wall Hanging 


Here’s another beautiful rainbow idea for a child’s bedroom or a nursery. Every room needs wall decoration and when it comes to the rooms of your kids, you want to keep it simple but still pick something full of character. This rainbow wall hanging by Studio DIY definitely gets our vote!

10. Rainbow Floral Wreath 


Everyone is making wreaths this time of the year so maybe it’s a good idea to make one for your home as well! They are a lovely way of bringing some colors into your home or onto your doorstep, especially if you opt for this rainbow wreath by Lines Across!

11. Rainbow Party Invitation 


Imagine opening a party invitation to find a rainbow jumping out! This is the experience your guests can have if you surprise them with this incredibly creative party invite by Mr. P! It’s unexpected and funny, creating a memory your friends will always love to talk about!

12. Rainbow Heart Banner 


If seeing a rainbow makes our heart happy, then it only makes sense to make a rainbow out of hearts! Check in with Momtastic to find a beautiful rainbow garland that you can make from felt hearts and hang it up to show someone how much you cherish them!

13. Rainbow Cake Topper 


Turning a whole cake into a rainbow may be a culinary challenge you’re not sure if you can tackle yet, but thankfully it’s much easier to just make a rainbow cake topper! It’s a simple way to bring the magic to your cake and you can get the tutorial at Tell Love and Party!

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