DIY & Crafts: Glitter and Glam: 15 DIY Projects for Gold Lovers

When it comes to crafting and making custom things ourselves, nothing makes us happier than creating things in colour schemes that involve our very favourite shades. Lately, however, we’ve been feeling very fancy indeed, so our current favourite colour actually has a bit of a nice finish to it as well. That’s because we’ve been completely obsessed with gold for the last few months! If ever we’re suddenly not in the room, chances are good that we can be found on our tablet or laptop, scrolling through pages of gold crafting ideas and pouring over tutorials outlining different ways to incorporate gold into our homemade personal fashion and home decor.

1. Fall gold leaf art


Have you ever read the term “gold leaf” referring to the crafting technique but, for a very brief moment, realized that your brain was envisioning… an actual golden leaf from a tree? Well, we can’t say we blame you, because we’ve definitely done that as well! Imagine how amused we were, then, when this lovely little gold leaf canvas craft featured on Momtastic popped up in our golden DIY searches! It’s a gold leaf painted… in gold leaf. We just can’t get enough of it.

2. Gold glitter painted jars


If we’re being honest, a huge part of the reason we love gold so much is the shine that comes along with it. We’re sure it’ll shock precisely no one, then, to learn that we’re completely obsessed with this gold glitter painted jars idea outlined step by step on Rosyscription in a clear, concise way. They show you how to tape off the section that you don’t want painted to keep a nice, clean line all the way around. Just make sure the paint has fully dried before you peel the tape off!

3. Gold rock candle centrepiece


Have you been scrolling through all the different gold centrepiece ideas that are available online and considering each but eventually decided that none of them are any better than the one you already have, you just can’t help wishing that one was a little more gold? Then maybe this awesome golden rock candle centrepiece featured on Hello Little Home will strike up some inspiration in you! We actually happened to have a piece similar to this already when we found their tutorial so we followed the lead, painted the rocks in a satisfying metallic, and put them right back where they came from, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

4. DIY gold hot glue necklace


If you’re going to go to the trouble of making yourself something awesome and gold, would you rather it be totally custom and completely from scratch? Well, if DIY accessories have ever been your thing, then we definitely think you should take a look at how DIY How To made this awesomely creative looking bib style necklace from hot glue and metallic paint. We love this idea because the design is completely within your control.

5. DIY gold succulent vases


If you’re the kind of crafting enthusiast who loves to keep up to date on the latest trends and what’s popular in the DIY world, then we have no doubt that you’re probably just as enamoured with the way succulent based crafts have been taking the world by storm as of late! We’ve actually gotten almost carried away with how many little planters and decorative pots we’ve made to put adorable succulents in, but that’s not stopping us from making more and dotting them around our apartment. These pretty, simple metallic gold pots featured on DIY Projects for Teens were our latest addition to the creative collection.

6. Gold leaf planes


In the midst of our obsession with looking up new ways to incorporate elements of gold, we’ve actually also gotten a little bit sidetracked with the idea of upcycling old miniature toys and figurines into decor pieces as well. That’s why we were so excited when we came across this repurposed toy tutorial from Crafts Unleashed that shows you, step by step, how to use metallic gold paint to transform old toy planes into vintage looking mantle pieces!

7. DIY gold glitter tea light holders


Were you almost convinced that you’d made a decision when you saw the fantastic gold glitter paint dipped mason jar project we showed you earlier on our list but you’ve realized that you’ve actually been doing a lot of “dipping” lately, so you’re wondering whether you’d be better to try out another angle or technique? Well, that doesn’t have to mean you can’t work with gold glitter at all! We love the way Wedding Star made glittered tea light candle holders by painting the glitter around the top rim and downward so it looks like it’s being sprinkled from above.

8. Gold metal flower tutorial


Are you actually in the market for a new crafting and DIY skill because you’re feeling up for a challenge, but you’d still prefer to keep things all gold, all the time? Then we have a feeling you just might be the perfect person to give these handmade golden metal flowers a try! Get the full steps for actually forming the flowers themselves, as well as for painting them evenly in your favourite shade, on Crafts Unleashed.

9. Gold feather art


Did we almost catch your eye completely when we started talking about the beautiful little painted gold leaf canvas at the very beginning of our list, but you’re actually just not sure that a leaf shape is really one that will entirely suit your decor scheme? Then perhaps you’d prefer this feather shaped version of a very similar project instead! We love how clearly outlined and fun Made in A Day makes the process out to be in their tutorial.

10. Designer style dinosaur planter


Just in case we’ve actually already tempted you with more than one of the ideas we’ve listed so far but you’re really just having trouble choosing between them, here’s an idea that makes it so you don’t have to choose because they’re blended together into one awesome project instead! We can’t get over how funny these little succulent planters made from upcycled and painted dinosaur toys are. Get the full details for making one of your own on The Homespun Hydrangea.

11. DIY gold foil pillow


Has all our talk of gold leafing really got you thinking about golden crafting methods that will actually let you show off the impressively metallic way that gold coloured DIY can really shine, but your best DIY skills have actually always been rooted in material and fabric based crafts rather than working with harder tools and supplies? In that case, we have a feeling this awesome gold foiling pillow tutorial featured on A Beautiful Mess might be right up your alley.

12. DIY gold decorative spheres made from hula hoops


If you’re going to make yourself something decorative, would you prefer to create something a little more abstract, or possibly that makes a bit more of a statement? Then we think you should definitely take a look at how Hometalk made some eye catching orb art from hula hoop that are painted metallic gold  and layered within each other for an impressive interwoven effect. We love that they show you how to anchor the hoops together so they don’t come apart and fall to the ground.

13. DIY gold leaf lampshade


Have you actually become so enamoured with gold lead, in the midst of your obsession with golden crafting and DIY, that you’re specifically on the hunt for new ways to include it in your decor scheme in all kinds of subtle, impressive, and creative ways? Then we think perhaps this peek-a-book gold leaf lampshade outlined step by step on Craft Thyme might just be the perfect idea for you! We think this technique on the inside of a lampshade will look fantastic no matter what colour you decide to make the outside, in order to suit the rest of your room.

14. Decorative DIY gold acorns


Now that the summer sun is high and the chillier winds are picking up again, have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to come across a golden crafting idea that is a little more directly related to fall, since you like to get your autumn crafting under way and done for display early? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Victoria Allison painted these adorable (and real) acorns to look like they’ve been positively dipped in actual gold.

15. DIY modern gold orb


Was the idea that caught your eye the most definitely the golden hoop art idea because you’ve always had slightly more modern looking tastes in art, even when it’s homemade, but you actually live in a very small place right now and you’re concerned that you simply don’t have the space for something as big as a hula hoop sized project? Then perhaps you’d prefer this starburst shaped modern golden orb art created by Clean & Scentsible from a styrofoam sphere, dowels, and metallic gold paint instead!

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