DIY & Crafts: 12 DIY Mickey Ears for Kids Who Love the Most Famous Mouse 

Mickey Mouse is a character that has been around for ages. Every single generation of kids seems to fall in love with his fun personality and sense of adventure! His most recognizable feature are his big ears and if your little one wants to be anything like Mickey, making these ears is a must! Today we’re bringing you 12 DIY Mickey ears that simultaneously honor many other Disney (and non-Disney) characters!

1. Beauty and the Beast Ears 


Tale as old as time is one we love to rewatch over and over again, no matter how old we are! Admit it, your kid’s Disney obsession is the best thing that ever happened to you! If Beauty and the Beast is your favorite Disney creation, check out the tutorial for these adorable ears at Crafty Chica!

2. Olaf Mickey Ears 


Your little one has made you watch Frozen about a hundred times so we’re guessing you’ve had enough of sitting in front of the TV with them. Monica Toren shares a super fun Frozen-themed activity to tackle with your kid – making Olaf inspired Mickey ears!

3. Ursula Mickey Ears 


Some kids love the heroes and some kids love the villains. Every good story has a villain and some of them are downright fascinating! If Ursula from the Little Mermaid has captured your kiddo’s attention, you can help them make these Ursula Mickey ears by Big Bear’s Wife!

4. Snow White Mickey Ears 


Snow White is often one of the first stories that we hear as kids – and later tell to our own children. It’s the ultimate classic and thanks to Moms Without Answers you can make Snow White themed Mickey ears that you and your kids can wear on your next trip to Disneyland!

5. Chewbacca Mickey Ears 


Your Mickey ears don’t have to be Disney themed at all! Maybe you want to give them a special Star Wars treatment and turn yourself or your little munchkin into a cute little Chewbacca! Just think of all the cuteness! You can find the tutorial at Eclectic Momsense.

6. Floral Mickey Ears 


If you’re super excited by the arrival of warm months, you can celebrate that by making floral Mickey ears! Hosting a Disney-themed garden party for the kids is always fun and you can set up a little crafting station to make these ears by the example of Disney Style!

7. Little Mermaid Mickey Ears 


Every child secretly daydreams about being one of the mythical creatures; that’s the most enchanting part about childhood! If your little one loves to pretend they are a mermaid, surprise them with their very own pair of mermaid Mickey ears! See Vanessa Craft shares the whole process.

8. Minnie Ears 


Mickey may be the most famous fictional mouse in the world, but it’s wise to remember his loyal companion and one true love – Minnie! Dixie Delights shares the details on these lovely Minnie ears that you absolutely have to make for your sweet human Minnie mouse!

9. Dumbo Mickey Ears 


The story of Dumbo the elephant always moves us to tears and it’s such an inspiring story to share with your kids. Dumbo and Mickey are both known for their giant ears and in this DIY project by Bombshell Bling these two characters get to come together!

10. Inside Out Mickey Ears


Emotions are always at the front and center of raising kids and one of the best cartoons that can help your toddlers understand their emotional world is Inside Out. If you’ve already watched it and want to make sure your kids don’t forget about it, make these Inside Out inspired Mickey ears by Mommy of a Princess!

11. Jack Skellington Mickey Ears 


Are you already brainstorming Halloween costumes? The sooner you start the better! Mickey ears are definitely super popular every single year, but you can give them a creative and creepy upgrade, thanks to My Printly and their epic Jack Skellington ears!

12. Modern No-Sew Mickey Ears 


Sometimes you don’t really want the Mickey ears to capture any other characters, you just want them to look good and provide your kids with all the freedom to give the ears their own identity. We have a hunch that these no-sew modern ears by Pretty Providence are the right choice!

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