DIY & Crafts: 13 DIY Projects that Celebrate the American Flag 

If you are from the US you already feel strong allegiance to your flag, but if you live elsewhere in the world, you’ve also likely admired the popularity of this one flag and the impact it often has on anything from fashion to home decor. The significant white, red and blue colors go together really well and the inclusion of the stars makes the perfect addition not only to the flag itself, but also to everything else that is flag-inspired. Check out these DIY projects that celebrate the American flag! 

1. Pallet American Flag 


Show off your patriotic love right on your front porch by making a giant wooden American flag from pallets that celebrates the love you have for your country as well as working with the natural materials! You can find the tutorial at And This Marine Wife!

2. American Flag Pillow 


Making your own pillows is such a joy! Decorative pillows are a gorgeous element in any room and if you’ve been meaning to take the American flag as inspiration for a while, the DIY pillow by Emily Ann’s Kloset is the perfect project to get you started!

3. American Flag Wreath 


Wreaths are one of our favorite decorations and they are always a welcome sight at big celebrations. This summer, when the 4th of July rolls around, be prepared with classic patriotic decorations! Check in with Blooming Homestead to learn all about this American Flag wreath!

4. American Flag Luminaries 


We love using soft lighting to create a special ambiance and these American flag luminaries by Keep Calm and Decorate are absolutely stunning! Loving your own country is very important and you can easily honor the allegiance with tiny decor pieces that are going to light up your home!

5. American Flag Water Blob 


Summer is here and with it the hot temperatures! We love to spend the days outside the house but when the heat reaches its peak we’ll be yearning for some refreshments. While the adults are sipping on their cold beverages, the kids can have some wet fun on this American flag water blob by Chica Circle!

6. American Flag Table Runner 


Decorating your dining table is a big part of not only special occasions but also daily life. Everybody loves to eat at a neat table with a decor that reflects the family’s values. We love the idea of this table runner by The Idea Room that beautifully celebrates the American flag!

7. American Flag Shoes 


The inspiration of the American flag is absolutely thriving in fashion and you don’t have to be American at all in order to hold appreciation for how the significant colors and the familiar stars can turn something regular into a trendy and stylish piece! These American flag shoes by Deco Art are a great example of that!

8. American Flag Mason Jar Lanterns 


Here’s another idea for charming lanterns with an American appeal that are definitely right up your alley if you love to paint! You can really express your creativity by creating these gorgeous star-spangled mason jar luminaries by following the steps at Addicted 2 DIY!

9. American Flag Flower Pot 


A house feels so empty without some greenery in it! Potted plants are not only a beautiful and organic choice of decor, they can also contribute to the quality of air in your living space, so if you are a little short on plants at the moment, the stunning flower pot at Lolly Jane will surely encourage you to change that!

10. American Flag Backdrop 


Taking staged pictures is the best part of every celebration! You get to capture memories that will last forever and all it takes is a gorgeous backdrop to make the   pictures fit a common theme! Laughing Latte shares a great idea for an American flag photo backdrop!

11. Popsicle American Flags


This is one of those crafts that you can easily do together with your kids and bring some of the patriotic spirit to them as well! Tiny popsicle sticks are easily accessible in any store but you can also just eat a bunch of popsicles together and save up the sticks! Sounds like a better idea right? Get the tutorial for the project at Giggles Galore!

12. American Flag Shutter 


We’re very big advocates of repurposing the items you don’t need anymore rather than throwing them away and creating unnecessary waste. If there is an old shutter that you’ve been wondering what to do with, check in with Simple Easy Creative to see how it can get an American upgrade.

13. American Flag Candle Log 


If you are looking for a way to decorate your space with candles, you’ll want to take a step forward from the traditional arrangement of candles and bring to light the magic of rustic decor pieces. This candle log painted in the style of an American flag has us swooning! Get the tutorial at Redhead Can Decorate!

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