DIY & Crafts: 12 DIY Projects That Will Give You All the Tropical Feels 

Summer usually has us daydreaming about isolated tropical islands where we could sip Piña Colada from a coconut in peace, leaving the stress of our everyday life a couple of airplane rides away. We’re all a little obsessed with the classic tropical motives and while we’re still waiting for our opportunity to vacation on an island, we can pass the time by making these gorgeous DIY tropical projects!

1. Party Garland 


Maybe you’re hosting a tropically themed party, in which case you’ll need some powerful jungle-inspired party decorations. A garland is ever the greatest idea and has never disappointed us before, so check in with Studio DIY to find the tutorial for a tropical paper garland!

2. Modern Doormat 


The ambiance of your home naturally changes with the decor. This is one of the best things about every interior – it’s very fluid. If you want to welcome your guests in the spirit of summertime, make this stunning tropical doormat from Enthralling Gumption!

3. Gilded Magnets 


Is your fridge looking a bit boring lately? Don’t worry, you can give it a refreshed and modern vibe in just a few steps! A fridge is nothing without some magnets, and we’re absolutely championing for the gilded tropical magnets that we found at Design Improvised!

4. Coasters 


Martha Stewart‘s tropical coasters won’t just be a hit at your next pool party, they are also going to be a very uplifting piece in your home throughout the year. Every time you want to feel extra special and inspired, simply bring them out and you can daydream you’re at the beach in the shade of a big palm tree!

5. Paper Flowers 


The recognizable Monstera leaf isn’t the only motive you can make! Another ally in the realm of classic tropical motives are the colors. Use them bravely and liberally, especially when creating these gorgeous and bright paper flowers by Crafts by Amanda!

6. Party Balloons 


Another item that cannot be missing at any tropical party are the balloons with a proper tropical appearance! They are going to be the necessary cherry on top of other decorations and will give your summer bash a truly authentic vibe! Find out all about these special balloons at Balloon Time!

7. Wall Art 


If you think tropical means over the top, guess again! By now you already know that we always advocate for minimalism and Pretty Providence‘s simplistic wall art is a true testament to the fact that you don’t need much in order to give your home a tropical notion!

8. Easter Eggs 


We love collecting Easter ideas all throughout the year, because there is always something so special about them. If you want to celebrate the next Easter in a tropical spirit, you need to save this idea by Oh So Beautiful Paper to your “Must try” Pinterest board!

9. Updated Nightstand


Nobody likes an outdated nightstand that is bringing down the energy of the whole bedroom. With a little (okay, a lot of) help from A Beautiful Mess you can turn your old and boring nightstand into a modern furniture piece that is going to look like it just escaped from the most prominent home decor magazine!

10. Fashionable Clutch 


Finally your accessories can radiate your love of all things tropical as well! This fashionable clutch by A Fabulous Fete is an incredible piece that you have to pack for any vacation at the coast, because it’s going to get you into a serious summertime vacay mood!

11. Notebook


When you are a writer at heart, you have a tendency to carry a notebook absolutely everywhere, because you never know when an important idea will find you, so you want to be sure to jot it down before it escapes you. We found one of the most gorgeous tropical notebooks at Fall for DIY!

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