DIY & Crafts: Catching Sunlight with 13 Colorful DIY Suncatchers 

When the sunlight starts making its way into your home, use this opportunity to add some suncatchers to your interior. They are small and colorful decorations that catch the sunrays and bring a joyful ambiance to your living space. They are the perfect crafting project to make at the beginning of summer, so here are 13 colorful DIY suncatchers you can hang in your home!

1. Bead Suncatcher 


Beads are one of the best materials to make a suncatcher from! They come in a multitude of different colors and are sold in every crafting store, so you can quickly pick them up whenever the inspiration strikes! Check out how you can make a gorgeous bead suncatcher at Nbeads!

2. Colored Glass Suncatcher 


Colors play a big role in a suncatcher. As the sun rays hit the colored surface, the light that comes through the suncatcher fills your living space with the most magical dance of colors. If your home could really use some joyful decoration, check out how The Jersey Momma made this colored glass suncatcher!

3. Tree Pendant Suncatcher 


When you’re making your own decorations you have all the freedom to include the symbols that truly resonate with you. One of the most beautiful symbols is the tree of life and you can honor it within a suncatcher. Live Craft Love will show you how!

4. Rainbow Heart Suncatchers 


We’re all in love with love, aren’t we? Whether you want to celebrate the love you feel for your partner, kids or friends, these rainbow heart suncatchers will definitely help you with creating a loving atmosphere! You can find the tutorial at Fireflies + Mud Pies!

5. Plastic Lid Suncatchers 


Teach your kids about the importance of upcycling by making these plastic lid suncatchers by Kids Craft Room! It’s no secret that plastic isn’t good for this planet but you can contribute to a greener Earth if you repurpose the plastic that is already in your home!

6. Metal Rings Suncatcher 


Channeling your creativity and making the most gorgeous decorative piece for your home is honestly one of the best feelings in the world. The suncatcher that we found at Charlotte by Design is made from metal rings and colored beads, which prove to be a totally captivating combination!

7. Faux Stained Glass Suncatcher 


If you love the concept of stained glass but want to give this craft a safer spin because you’ll be including your kids into the creation process, Buggy and Buddy has the best alternative! This faux stained glass suncatcher is truly unique and amazing!

8. Suncatcher Mobile 


When you have the freedom to create your own decor pieces it often happens that you’ll want to combine two (or more) decorations into one. Versatility knows no boundaries! Check out how Garden Therapy made a mobile that doubles as a suncatcher and a wind chime!

9. Melted Beads Suncatchers 


You know the situation – the kids wanted you to buy them a collection of beads so they can make jewelry, but now you’re stuck with a whole box of beads and they’ve moved on from jewelry making. Don’t worry, The Artful Parent will show you how to repurpose beads by melting them into a suncatcher!

10. Watermelon Suncatchers 


Aside from the summer vacation and super long days, the best thing about the warm months is that watermelons are in season! If your kids go bananas for watermelons,   you can encourage them to channel their enthusiasm into these watermelon suncatchers by Kids Activities!

11. Jellyfish Suncatchers


If you run into them when you’re swimming in the sea, jellyfish can be super scary, but if your kids are making suncatchers, they can actually be a really cool motive – all thanks to I Heart Arts N Crafts. We have to admit that jellyfish don’t look very scary when they are dressed in rainbow tissue paper!

12. Flower Mandala Suncatchers 


Mandalas are known for the calming effect they have on people and thanks to A Little Pinch of Perfect you can now make them into suncatchers that are going to add an extra element of peaceful to your home, especially when you mix in flowers as well!

13. Pokeball Suncatcher 


Are your kids still not over the Pokemon mania? Put their love for Pokemon to work and create this Pokeball suncatcher together! This is a great way to honor your kids’ interests and encourage them to be creative! You’ll find the tutorial at And Next Comes L!

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