DIY & Crafts: DIY Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Unforgettable Girls’ Night Out 

The time has come for one of your best friends to get hitched and you’re in charge of organizing the perfect bachelorette! It’s one of those nights that everyone in the group will remember for the rest of their life and naturally you want it to be absolutely perfect! Today we’re brining you some outstanding DIY ideas for the most unforgettable bachelorette party – check them out below!

1. Chippendale Cookies 


Every proper bachelorette needs to have a comical element to it, otherwise it’s not the real deal! Your friend has decided to spend a lifetime with her future spouse but before she does that, she can enjoy one last batch of sexy Chippendale cookies! Get the recipe at Sweet Sugarbelle.

2. Bachelorette Survival Kit 


Taking care of a whole group of tipsy girls on a bachelorette night isn’t the easiest thing. We know how much you want everyone to be well taken care of, so we’re bringing you an idea by The Budget Savvy Bride for a super functional and adorable bachelorette survival kit!

3. Bachelorette T-Shirts 


Wearing themed and matching T-shirts makes the whole experience that much more unforgettable! You can make them as a surprise for all the girls, or you can add an element of crafting to the bachelorette activities! Either way, Something Turquoise shares the how-to!

4. Temporary Tattoos


Avoid the possibility of getting tattoos while you’re under the influence of a little too much champagne, with these adorable temporary tattoos that are just as cool as the real deal but will definitely wash off once the crazy night is over! This is another gem by Something Turquoise.

5. Photobooth Props 


Pictures or it didn’t happen! When you’ll be remembering this incredible night decades from now, you’re going to be walking down memory lane by looking at old pictures of the bachelorette night. The Budget Savvy Bride will help you make sure all of the pictures are on point with these DIY photobooth props!

6. Heart Rings 


Take some pressure off the girls needing to choose the perfect accessories for the party and encourage them to make these heart rings instead! This can be such a lovely and fun bonding activity before you hit the town! You can find the tutorial at Studio DIY.

7. Glitter Glasses 


Coming up with themed and charming party favors is always a challenge but we think you can’t possibly go wrong with charming glitter glasses that you can fill with some adorable and practical items that you’ll be needing throughout the night! The F Bombs shares the details!

8. Diamond Napkin Rings 


Every little detail is incredibly important when you’re organizing such a memorable event that is bachelorette party, so don’t leave anything to chance! Even a simple thing like napkin rings should fit the theme! Check out how Brooklyn Bride made these diamond inspired napkin rings!

9. Pink Lemonade Jello Shots 


Everything has to be special on bachelorette because it’s the kind of night when you can fully release your inner crazy, have the most fun with your closest friends and honor the one of you who is getting married! We love the idea of these pink lemonade jello shots we found at A Beautiful Mess!

10. Glitter Champagne Bottles 


Fact: regular champagne bottles don’t look as good in Instagram pictures as glittered ones! You know you’ll be snapping pictures of the setting and yourselves all night long, so visit Pottery Barn and make sure the champagne bottles are fitting into the ambiance!

11. Personalized Party Bags 


Party bags are always a welcoming sight and they really show your guests how much you value them! What’s even better than giving everyone the same gift bag is giving each attendee a personalized bag with their name on it! Find out all about them at DIY Inspired!

12. Bachelorette Necklaces


Like we already mentioned, the bachelorette night is the perfect time to get a bit crazy  with all of your best friends and fully embody the philosophy of a little party never killed nobody! Take a look at how The Chic Site created these gutsy bachelorette bottle necklaces!

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