DIY & Crafts: DIY Kindle Cases: A Bookworm’s Must-Have

Even though nothing can beat a physical copy of your favorite book, electronic readers are definitely one of the greatest inventions ever! Having a Kindle means you can carry hundreds of books with you everywhere you go, which is super convenient if you travel a lot or have a long daily commute. You’ll want your reader to be well protected, which is why we’re here to encourage you to give these DIY kindle cases a try!

1. Fabric Scrap Kindle Case 


You can absolutely go fabric shopping for your handmade kindle case, but it’s even better if you open up your big box of fabric scraps and use them up, seeing as you won’t need to use too much fabric, thanks to the Kindle being so adorably tiny! Get the tutorial for a beautiful fabric case at Cut Out + Keep.

2. Repurposed Shirt Kindle Case


Another way to get the fabric for your kindle case is by repurposing an old shirt that you haven’t worn in years but still love the way it looks. Repurposing clothes is always a fun experience especially when it results in a kindle case that looks brand new! Check out all the details at Catch up with Kaitlin.

3. Pocket Kindle Case 


If you want your little device to be extra safe and perhaps a little concealed, a pocket Kindle case is a great choice. On the outside you can’t really tell what’s hiding inside of the case, which makes it a much safer option in busy cities and public transport. Get the tutorial at While They Snooze!

4. Multi-Functional Kindle Case 


If you are on the go a lot, you probably love items that are multi-functional and serve more than just one purpose. It’s hard to always carry around many items that clutter your purse, so we know you’re going to be super excited about this Kindle case we found at Whistlepig Creek Productions Blog!

5. Simplistic Neutral Kindle Case 


Kindle cases can be super trendy, often seeming as yet another fashionable accessory that gets all the attention. If you are more old-school and miss how old books all had very simplistic and neutral covers, you can capture some of that easygoing charm in the case by Design Waffle.

6. Button Kindle Case 


A lot of cases are made in a way that allows you to simply slip your Kindle inside and you’re good to go, but if you want an extra level of safety and an insurance policy that your favorite gadget is not going to fall out, adding a button is a must! Find out all about it at Stitched by Crystal!

7. Crochet Kindle Case 


Your love of crocheting doesn’t have to take a backseat just because you’re in need of a Kindle case and all the tutorials you’re seeing call for fabric. Pick out yarn in your favorite color and head over to In the Loop to see the crochet pattern that you can follow in order to make yourself a soft and gorgeous case!

8. Kindle Case with Elastic 


Another way to secure your device within its case is with a simple elastic. It’s going to feel like a natural part of the case and as you can see at Comfy Crafter, this design actually resembles a notebook or a journal, so if you ever want to be discreet about carrying it around, you have this option too!

9. Vintage Floral Kindle Case 


Many would argue that there is nothing more beautiful than a vintage case that beautifully binds the old-fashioned charm with a super modern device. There is something so profound about having the best of both worlds, isn’t it? Elemental Carbon has us falling for this vintage floral Kindle case!

10. Repurposed Book Kindle Case 


Books are absolutely irreplaceable and maybe the idea of carrying an electronic reader around in a fancy modern case just doesn’t sit quite right with you yet, which is why we know you’re the perfect person for this Kindle case we found at Instructables that is made from a repurposed book!

11. Minimalist Kindle Case 


We honestly have a soft spot for all things minimalist because we can’t get over the fact that simplicity and chic always go hand in hand. The books on your Kindle enable you to step into a world full of colors and adventure, so there’s no harm in your case bearing simplicity. If you love this idea, head over to Fieldguided!

12. Old-Fashioned Kindle Case 


We’re bringing you another old-fashioned idea for a Kindle case because let’s face it, there can never be too many of them! There is something so timeless about the simple act of reading books and you can honor that with this French inspired case we snatched at Creative Home Expressions!

13. Kindle Case and Stand 


One of the things that make Kindle super cool and far more advanced than books is that it makes reading more convenient in different situations because you don’t always have to hold it – but you will need a special case for that, one that doubles as a stand. Wrapped Up in Rainbows has the perfect one!

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