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Organizing any celebration can be a challenge, but organizing a wedding is truly the greatest responsibility. There are so many little pieces that need to fit together and make sure everything is going as smoothly as possible on your most special day. A big part of the organization system is the sitting chart – the guests need to know where their place to sit is and that’s where this roundup of DIY table numbers comes in!

1. Rustic Table Numbers 


Rustic wedding settings hold a special charm that almost can’t be matched! They celebrate the beauty of nature and have a traditional ambiance that gives the guests a sense of familiarity. Find the tutorial for gorgeous rustic table numbers at Eat Drink Chic!

2. Marbled Table Numbers 


If you’re looking to go down a more modern route, marble is your ally! Faux marbled decorations are the biggest hit at moment, because they are both affordable and realistic. Marbled table numbers could be a great addition to your wedding setting, so visit Bespoke Decor for details!

3. Modern Table Numbers 


Another way to make super modern table numbers is to play with simplicity and minimalism. Sometimes the lack of decorations makes the greatest statement! We love the design and innovation behind the modern table numbers we found at Ctrl + Curate!

4. Chalkboard Table Numbers 


Making use of chalkboard paint is one of the fastest and easiest ways to conquer a DIY project, because it gives you many different options that you can develop in whichever direction you see fit! Personally, we think the chalkboard table numbers by Polka Dot Made are a great choice!

5. Candle Table Numbers 


We can hardly think of anything more romantic than candles, which is why they are ever the favorite at any wedding reception. You can give the candles a purpose beyond creating a dreamy atmosphere, by checking out the candle table numbers by Something Turquoise!

6. String Art Table Numbers 


Since you’re already browsing at Something Turquoise, don’t forget to give a look to the table numbers made from string art as well! They have a peaceful choice of colors which helps them blend in with the rest of the table easily, while they still do their task of organization perfectly!

7. Framed Chalkboard Table Numbers 


Planning a DIY wedding is becoming a trend amongst many because it not only costs less, it is also a far more personal approach. You get to be very hands-on! Give your table setting an extra touch of old-fashioned elegance by making Love Paper Paint‘s framed chalkboard table numbers!

8. Tin Can Table Numbers 


There are so many different things you can create from tin cans and adorable table number lanterns seem to be one of them! They have the power to contribute to the romantic ambiance and bring warm lighting to the room. One Fab Day is going to show you how to make them!

9. Silhouette Table Numbers 


All wedding decor is special, but personalized pieces hold the greatest value. Those are the elements that carry so much of your character that they’re impossible to miss!    Visit Indie Wed to learn more about the process of creating silhouette table numbers!

10. Copper Pipe Table Numbers 


As you may have noticed, metallic colors are now the number one trend whenever someone is craving modern beauty. Making table numbers from copper pipes by the example of Capitol Romance will lead you to one of the most gorgeous table settings to date!

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