DIY & Crafts: Fun and Practical DIY Things You Can Make From Plastic Animals

 It’s hard to pass plastic animals in the store and not buy a few. There are so many to choose from and once you buy your favorite ones, you quickly go back for more! The animal kingdom is absolutely beautiful and having some of that energy in our homes is always a plus. If you’re wondering how you can best make use of these animals, here are some creative and fun plastic animal crafts! 

1. Plastic Animal Magnets 


You could keep the mainstream magnet letters on your fridge, or you could swap them for something totally unique and unexpected! Your collection of plastic animals can be turned into super funny fridge magnets that will make your kitchen a truly special place. Find out all about them at Lovely Indeed!

2. Plastic Animal Planters 


Planting indoor plants is a very rewarding experience. Every time you bring some greenery into your living space your home starts feeling more alive! You can honor nature even more by creating planters that resemble animals. Learn the details at eHow!

3. Modern Gold Plastic Animals 


Maybe the only purpose you want your plastic animals to have is a decorative one, in which case you’ll have to tap into your creativity and paint them in a style that best fits your home. If you love modern decor pieces, we love the gold spin Heodeza gave to the animals!

4. Plastic Animal Ring Holders 


Organizing jewelry seems like a never-ending story. Just as you organize one pile of your favorite accessories another one pops up and there are so many little pieces to store (such as rings) that you simply don’t know how to make sense of it all. These plastic animal ring holders by Small Good Things might be able to help!

5. Plastic Animal Mobile 


We all love animals, but it’s safe to say that kids have an especially unique bond with them. Animals are their friends and because it’s unlikely you have the capacity to keep a whole animal kingdom inside of your child’s bedroom, this plastic animal mobile by The Gold Jellybean is a good alternative!

6. Plastic Animal Glitter Snow Globe


Plot twist: snow globes don’t actually need to have a snowman inside of them, or the picture of a winter wonderland. In fact, you won’t even need to make fake snow! Check out how these special snow globes by DIY Network were made from plastic animals and glitter!

7. Plastic Animal Cake Stand 


Cake stands are one of those super practical things that we feel compelled to turn into something chic and glamorous. Walking into a room where desserts are displayed on cake stands is like walking into a bakery! Find out at A Beautiful Mess how plastic animals can be turned into golden cake stands!

8. Plastic Animal Wall Art 


Mounting dead animals to the wall has long gone out of style, but if you still love the idea of displaying majestic creatures on your walls without anyone getting hurt for it, plastic animals are a great resource according to Mod Podge Rocks!

9. Plastic Animal Photo Holders


How you display your pictures plays a very significant factor in your interior. We love the display solutions that allow for some flexibility and let you swap the photos whenever you feel like it! The Gold Jellybean shares the tutorial for beautiful plastic animal photo holders!

10. Plastic Animal Keychains 


Are you always losing your keys? Maybe if your keychain looked like your favorite animal you would hold on to them a bit more mindfully! Check in with The Sorry Girls to get the tutorial for these gorgeous animal keychains that are also a great idea for big families!

11. Plastic Animal Bookends 


How’s your bookshelf organization coming along? If updating your bookcase is on your to-do list for the spring cleaning, Love Grows Wild has the perfect DIY project for you. These plastic animal bookends will make sure that your books always stay in their place and never tip over!

12. Plastic Animal Drawer Pulls


If you are an interior design junkie, you know home decor is a lifestyle. Once you pick  out your chosen shelves and drawers, you can expect your preferences to change eventually – which means you’ll soon be on the hunt for new ones! If your drawer pulls have gotten a bit boring, Apartment Therapy has a fresh idea!

13. Plastic Animal Memo Holders


We all need a reminder or two sometimes, whether it’s to pick up the groceries or just to stay in a positive mindset. Leaving little reminders like that around the house will help you stay more organized and in better spirits – especially if they are displayed by cute plastic animals! Thank you Sugar & Cloth for this idea!

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