DIY & Crafts: Introducing Kids to Music with DIY Instruments

It’s no secret how much kids love music, but it’s also not a secret how expensive instruments are. As a parent, you may feel hesitant buying your kids all of the instruments they want because you don’t know which one will really capture their interest for longer than three days. A great way to get kids involved with music and teach them appreciation for the instruments is by creating DIY instruments together!

1. Spin Drums 


Kids love to move and be active, which is why it’s a great idea to make instruments that encourage movement, such as these spin drums! The more you spin them the more sound they will make, so if you can see your kids enjoying this, head over to Julep to get the tutorial!

2. Rainbow Xylophone


Xylophone is one of those instruments that introduces the kids to various different tones and sounds. It’s a great choice for kids who get bored quickly and constantly need to be stimulated to pay attention! You can find out all about this rainbow xylophone at And Next Comes L!

3. Popsicle Harmonica 


Instead of throwing away the sticks from all the popsicles your kids eat during the summer, save them up and make colorful popsicle harmonicas out of them, as shown by Housing a Forest! This project is a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids about the beauty of upcycling!

4. Pot Bell 


If you are a parent you probably shiver a little at the thought of getting your kids a bell, but this instrument can actually prove to be a great asset in teaching them about music and sounds. You can make a bell from a terra cotta pot by following the steps at Developmental Community Music!

5. Straw Flute 


A flute made of straws is perhaps the most well-known and simplest DIY instrument. It only takes minutes to make, so it’s a great resource when rain unexpectedly changes your afternoon plans! Find out the secrets behind this classic flute at Deceptively Educational.

6. Castanets 


Making DIY castanets is a great way to expand your kids’ horizons about the instruments that go beyond drums or a guitar. There are so many ways to express yourself through different instruments and we all know kids love having options! Check out how bottle caps can be turned into castanets at Education!

7. Coffee Can Drums 


If you have a house full of toddlers there’s a very good chance your pantry is stocked with coffee (and wine). We all need a little kick to get us thorough the days, right? Just don’t throw the coffee cans away once you’re finished with them! Kids Activities will show you how to turn them into drums!

8. Homemade French Horn 


Who knew that it only takes a few utensils that you already have at home to make a French horn replica! If your little one is dreaming of playing in a real ensemble one day, Savvy Homemade is a great resource for a DIY horn that will one day hold a lot of sentimental value!

9. Paper Plate Tambourines 


Creating with paper plates is many parents’ go-to move when it’s time to keep the kids busy and entertained! If they are going through a phase of learning about the instruments, you can introduce them to tambourines by following the tutorial at Red Ted Art!

10. Driftwood Rattle 


A lot of parents nowadays are opting for toys that are made with natural materials. It’s always good for kids to be in touch with nature’s gifts, so if you’re looking for an instrument that honors mother nature, this driftwood rattle with seashells is the perfect choice! Thanks to Red Ted Art for sharing another gem!

11. Wrist Bells 


Tiny jingle bells definitely make a super cute instrument, especially for toddlers! With a little help from Skip to my Lou you can make charming wrist bells that your kids are going to be able to wear all day long and make Christmassy music everywhere they go!

12. Egg Shakers 


Shakers are such an underestimated instrument! Teach your kids about the importance of rhythm with these adorable and colorful egg shakers! They can produce different sounds, depending on the filling you put into them and you can find out all about that at Mama Smiles!

13. Plastic Spoon Maracas


Here’s another take on shakers, the classic maracas! The kids are going to have so much fun making these, as the process is really simple. You’ll need some plastic spoons, washi tape in colors and patterns of choice, plastic eggs and of course the step-by-step by Fun 365!

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