DIY & Crafts: Just Keep Swimming: 13 DIY Finding Dory Projects 

If we ask the kids who their favorite fictional fish is, we don’t doubt they would immediately say Disney’s Dory! She is such an incredibly joyful, fun and forgetful creature and her story is all around amazing! We can all find a special place in our heart for this adorable blue fish and if your kids can’t get enough of her quirky spirit, here are 13 DIY Finding Dory projects they can help you make!

1. Finding Dory Punch 


If you’re going to be in charge of planning a kid’s birthday party anytime soon, here’s a great idea to include in the celebration and make it that much more special! This Finding Dory themed punch by Lemon Lime Adventures is going to be the number one hit!

2. Finding Dory Sensory Bag 


Sensory bags are many parents’ secret weapon when it comes to calming down their kids or just getting in a couple of silent moments. They have a captivating effect on the kids who always love touching different surfaces and textures! Find out how you can make a Finding Dory sensory bag at The Crazy Adventure Called Life!

3. Finding Dory Glitter Slime 


Kids are going crazy for slime these days and because this gooey toy has gotten so popular, it has to have a special themed look to be interesting – a regular boring slime just won’t do anymore! If your kiddo rewatches Finding Dory over and over again, the slime we found at A Pumpkin & A Princess is their perfect match!

4. Finding Dory Dessert Cups 


Birthday parties and play dates are often at the center of being a parent (next to grocery store tantrums). Sometimes it’s hard to come up with fresh ideas all the time, but we daresay that these Finding Dory dessert cups by Mom Endeavors are going to have kids cheering with joy!

5. Finding Dory Snack Cups 


Are you hosting a movie night for a group of toddlers and already dreading they’ll be fighting for the popcorn bowl? These adorable Finding Dory snack cups by As The Bunny Hops are going to solve this problem in no time! The kids can even play with them after the Disney cartoon marathon is over!

6. Finding Dory Hair Clips 


One of the things that make Dory so special, aside from her adorable forgetfulness, is her mesmerizing blue color. Find some ribbons in the same color and turn them into tiny Dory hair clips that are going to add an extra element of cuteness to your toddler’s style! Get the inside scoop at See Vanessa Craft.

7. Finding Dory Envelope Puppets 


Did you know that a couple of envelopes can be turned into really cute puppets? I Heart Crafty Things shares a great tutorial for Finding Dory puppets that your kids will love playing with and create their own stories for the characters they love so much!

8. Finding Dory Gift Boxes 


Instead of spending too much money on gift boxes or professional gift wrapping, you can make your own gift boxes that have the most unique look and will make kids super excited before they even see what’s in them! We’re talking about these Finding Dory gift boxes by Printable Crush!

9. Finding Dory Sugar Cookies 


Kids usually don’t need any special motivation to eat cookies, but when you’re organizing a celebration it’s a good idea to give everything a meaningful look, even the cookies! A Sparkle of Genius shares a tutorial for jolly Finding Dory cookies!

10. Finding Dory Magnets 


If the classic letter magnets for the fridge are starting to feel a bit boring and you know that your kids don’t get excited about them at all, it’s time to make a new collection of magnets! This selection of Finding Dory magnets by The Crazy Adventure Called Life definitely gets our vote!

11. Finding Dory Snow Globe 


Snow globes without snow are totally a thing! You don’t really need snow when you have a snow globe with the most popular fish in the world! Check out how Susie Homemaker made this wonderful piece that your kids will have so much fun making!

12. Finding Dory Hat 


How about some Finding Dory unofficial merchandise? You can make this unique Dory hat with a little help from your kids and All for the Boys! The kids can wear it as part of their Halloween costume or just because they want to show off their love for the world’s funniest fish!

13. Finding Dory Costume 


Speaking of Halloween, maybe your little one is serious about going as Dory the next time, which means you have to roll up your sleeves and make a real-deal costume that is going to make them the center of attention! The one we found at Babble seems like a good fit!

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