DIY & Crafts: Take Care of Your Feathery Friends with These DIY Bird Feeders 

Taking care of the animals that share our habitat is a very generous and beautiful gesture. Not only will it make you feel more connected to the animals, you’ll also feel like you are contributing your part to creating a more harmonious world for all living beings. If you have noticed many birds in your environment, help them out by giving them some food supply! Here are 13 DIY bird feeders to get you started!

1. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder


After you finish the whole bottle of your favorite brand of wine, don’t throw it away! In just a few steps it can have a new and very beautiful purpose again. Thanks to the tutorial at Hometalk, you can use the bottle to create a super functional bird feeder!

2. $4 Bird Feeder


Some of us live on tight budgets, which is exactly why we love DIY projects so much.   Creating your own bird feeder doesn’t have to cost you more than four dollars, which is absolutely remarkable! All you have to do is check in with 100 Things 2 Do and follow all the steps!

3. Star Bird Feeder


Raising kids in the spirit of loving and helping animals is an important agenda for every parent. A gret way to make your kids feel more connected to the birds that live in your area is to create bird feeders together as a family. Eighteen 25 shares a how-to for a gorgeous bird feeder in the shape of a star!

4. Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder


Repurposing is one of the practices that keep this planet cleaner and greener. We all know that plastic isn’t good for the environment, but if you give your plastic bottles a new purpose after you’ve used up their content, you’re going to do something very eco-conscious! For example, Cute DIY Projects made these rosy bird feeders!

5. Plate Bird Feeder 


When you’re searching for the materials that could soon become a bird feeder, all you have to do is look around your kitchen. Find a plate and a bowl that look lovely but could be missed and head over to Erin’s Creative Energy to learn how you can turn them into a super modern bird feeder.

6. Juice Carton Bird Feeder 


Here is another bird feeder from repurposed materials that is going to teach your kids a valuable lesson about the importance of upcycling. A juice carton along with some   plastic lids can easily be turned into an outstandingly adorable bird feeder. Find out how at Red Ted Art!

7. Milk Jug Bird Feeder


If you don’t have a juice carton at home, then a milk jug will do just fine! They are  normally very wide and will therefore be able to accommodate more than one small bird or even a larger bird or two. Learn all about how a milk jug becomes a bird feeder at Great Stems!

8. Silverware Bird Feeder


If you have some silverware at home that you never use but you really like the aristocratic appearance of it, use it to build a unique bird feeder that is is going to become a very special decorative element in your garden as well. Birds & Blooms shares the inside scoop!

9. Pine Cone Bird Feeder


Pine cones are truly one of nature’s most wonderful gifts. Not only can we abundantly use them as decoration (especially around Christmas), they can also be turned into bird feeders with a very organic look. Spirit of Maha shares the full process!

10. Paint Can Bird Feeders


Do you want your bird feeders to be very visible and even contribute to the appearance of your backyard? Mom Endeavors has a project that suits you wonderfully! These bird feeders were made from paint cans that were painted to gorgeous, bright and visible colors!

11. Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder 


Don’t throw away those toilet rolls, they can be so very handy! If you have toddlers, you know how much they love to play with them, so why don’t you create Play from Scratch‘s simple bird feeders together by making use of the toiler paper rolls!

12. Teacup Bird Feeder


Some bird feeders have a very natural look while others carry a more urban tone.  Budget Savvy Diva made a bird feeder with a gorgeous tea cup and a plate, giving it a very innovative appearance that will surely catch the eye of humans and birds alike!

13. Tower Bird Feeder 


This is one of the more traditional bird feeders and it’s really functional if you don’t want the little birds to spill the seeds all over the ground, as they normally love to do just that! Check out how this classic tower bird feeder was made at The Garden-Roof Coop!

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