DIY & Crafts: Tale as Old as Time: Beauty and the Beast Crafts 

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most classic love stories and one we can never get enough of, even well into our adulthood. It’s always good to be reminded of the power of love and the strength of friendship, but it’s especially beautiful when you get to introduce all of this to your kids through a story that has always meant so much to you. Here are some incredible and fun Beauty and the Beast crafts you can make with your kids!

1. Chip Mug 


Who wouldn’t want to drink from a little Chip! He is such a fun and adventurous character, it’s absolutely contagious! This is a perfect mug to drink from in the morning, to start your day on a super positive and charming note. Get the tutorial at A Pop of Red.

2. Stained Glass Rose 


Stained glass is a beautiful form of art that you can utilize to decorate the windows or to create a unique decor piece. You can really let your creativity run the show and pick whichever motive you’re passionate about, but it’s obvious we’re favoring this Beauty and the Beast themed one by Reality Daydream.

3. Beauty and the Beast Cupcakes 


Kids love themed birthday parties, so if your little one is totally in love with Belle’s story, you can start thinking about throwing a party with a Beauty and the Beast theme. You’re going to need some tasty cupcakes and Cupcake Diaries has the best ones!

4. Beauty and the Beast Bath Bomb 


Bath bombs are one of the best ways to pamper yourself through taking a magical bath. They also make a super thoughtful and useful gift! Check out how A Pumpkin & A Princess made these gorgeous Beauty and the Beast bath bombs that you’ll instantly fall in love with!

5. Enchanted Rose 


One of the most recognizable symbols of your favorite Disney animated film is the enchanted rose in a glass jar! This piece is going to be such a simple and yet outstanding addition to your home, so grab the instructions at Disney Family and get to work!

6. Enchanted Rose Night Light 


We can’t leave you with just one enchanted rose project, can we? The rose is such a crucial piece of the story, you deserve to have more options! If you’ve been looking for a night light to put on your kid’s nightstand, One Savvy Mom has got the perfect one!

7. Beauty and the Beast Shirt 


Casual style is great, but we all love wearing things that mean something special to us and usually this passion for themed fashion begins when we’re still just kids. A Girl & A Glue Gun shares a tutorial for a Beauty and the Beast shirt that is going to grant you the title of coolest parent on the block!

8. Beauty and the Beast Lip Gloss 


It’s always the little things that are the most powerful. The usual side-effect of watching Disney films is that your kids will want to transform themselves into the princesses – thankfully, Belle is a good role model! Here’s a must-have Beauty and the Beast inspired lip gloss we found at My Sister’s Suitcase.

9. Enchanted Rose Cookies 


So, is that a yes to the Beauty and the Beast themed birthday party we talked about?   Awesome! Here are some delicious and adorable enchanted rose cookies that you can offer to the little guests! You can find the recipe at A Pumpkin & A Princess.

10. Belle Apron Dress


Belle’s beautiful yellow gown is one of those dresses your kids dream about! Sewing the entire gown would be quite the project, so if you’re looking for something simpler but equally as beautiful, we highly recommend this Belle apron dress by It’s Always Autumn!

11. Enchanted Rose Ornament 


Decorating your home for any special occasion is a very joyful time but also a little bit stressful. You want everything to look magical and perfect! When it comes to ornaments, there are none more enchanting than this rose ornament by The Farm Girl Gabs!

12. Beauty and the Beast Journal 


Even with all the iPads and iPhones in this world, journals remain very popular. There is something special about putting a pen to the paper and journaling out your thoughts or drawing something that reflects your soul. This Beauty and the Beast journal by Artsy Momma is a great gift for adults and kids alike!

13. Beauty and the Beast Paper Lantern 


Lanterns are a beautiful way of decorating with light. They are charming and delicate, ideal for celebrations with a romantic undertone. No story does romance quite as much justice as Beauty and the Beast, so head over to Designs By Miss Mandee to get the tutorial for this lovely paper lantern!

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