DIY & Crafts: Wanderlust Essentials: DIY Passport Holders 

Are you already planning out your summer travels? If you love to fly around the world and explore foreign countries, then you know every adventure takes preparation. Chances are you always have a silent checklist in the back of your mind with all the essential things you must not lose or forget to take with you – one of them being a passport! A cute DIY passport holder is one step towards always keeping your passport at hand, so here are some lovely ideas!

1. Anchor Passport Holder 


There’s so much of the world to explore, all the cities and the jungles, but somehow you always end up on the coast. You can’t help the call of the sea! Honor your love of the ocean by making this gorgeous anchor passport holder by following the tutorial at Destination Go!

2. Floral Passport Holder 


Just looking at a floral passport holder is an uplifting experience, one you are going to feel grateful for in long airport lines! This particular passport holder has many pockets for your other documents as well and can even double as a wallet. Find out all about it at Thirty Handmade Days!

3. Vintage Passport Holders


If you swear by all things vintage, you’re probably not interested in hip passport holders. You’d rather have something simple that comes in one color and truly holds the bare minimum. Martha Stewart shares a great tutorial for these thin vintage passport holders!

4. Polka Dot Passport Holder 


Traveling is all about having fun and expanding your horizons. It makes sense that the place where you store your passport would reflect that same vibe! Polka dots are as fun as they come and if you want to keep up the jolly spirit, check in with Always Rooney to get a tutorial for this polka dot passport holder!

5. Fabric Scrap Passport Holder 


Open the box where you keep your fabric scraps and pick some of them out at random, then visit Where the Orchids Grow to learn how they can be turned into a unique passport holder. The diversity of patterns and colors will beautifully reflect the diversity of this world!

6. Girly Passport Holder 


If you’re looking for a passport holder with a significant girly and gentle look, Craftsy has got the perfect one! This passport holder is also a lovely idea if you’re traveling with kids and need to store their passport in something that looks charming and adorable!

7. Leather Passport Holder 


Keep it simple, keep it old-fashioned – this leather passport holder is one that feels very elegant and professional. It’s perfect for business trips and people who want to keep their documents neatly organized without any colorful “mumbo jumbo!” Find the instructions at Poppytalk.

8. Zipper Passport Holder 


Traveling around the world will teach you how important it is to always keep your documents close to you and as safe as can be. Losing your documents in a foreign country is not an experience you want to have. Find out how you can make one of the safest passport holders at The Seasoned Homemaker!

9. Striped Passport Holder 


Traveling usually involves comfy oversized clothes but that doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon everything stylish. Your passport can carry the look of a chic accessory, giving you a much more put-together look in a matter of seconds! We love this modern striped passport holder by ONR!

10. Butterfly Passport Holder 


Follow Fynes Designs‘ lead and make your passport holder extra adorable by decorating it with butterflies! There’s something about these little creatures that feels so captivating and when you pair this motive with soft pastel tones and polka dots, you basically get a dreamy passport holder.

11. Gold Lettered Passport Holders 


Looking at your passport can often feel super boring, mainly because they are all the same. It’s normal to wish for a more dynamic design, one that would be unique to only you. Minted Strawberry shares the idea for gold lettered passport holders that carry a certain hint of glamour!

12. Gold Leather Passport Holder 


Speaking of glamour, have you seen this gold leather passport holder by Lovely Indeed? It’s not every day that you see a combination of colored leather and print, but in this case it works like magic! The metallic touch gives the passport holder an undeniable luxurious style!

13. Instagram Inspired Passport Holder 


Back in the olden days, photographs from travels ended up in a photo album, but nowadays they end up on Instagram! If you travel a lot, your social media can become a personal collection of photographs from the most beautiful places in the world, which is exactly what inspired this Instagram passport holder by Mod Podge Rocks!

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