Food & recipes: Fun Outdoor Treats: 15 Unique Campfire Snacks for Summer

Some years, we go camping three or four different times, in different places! Ever since they were very small, our kids’ favourite part of the camping experience has been the campfire. More specifically, they’re completely enamoured with the concept of making our own food over the fire and getting to discovered and try all the different things you can make that way. Now that they’re old enough to have preferences and really take an interest in the process of campfire cooking, we’ve been scouring the Internet for all kinds of creative ideas for campfire snacks that will keep them very happy indeed!

1. Campfire cinnamon roll-ups


Ever since our kids were little, we’ve had a weekend morning tradition of making cinnamon buns with our kids and eating them all together in our pyjamas. When we started going camping, however, we realized we would have to adjust the process a little bit unless we wanted to pre-make the buns and risk them going stale, so we were very pleased to come across this campfire cinnamon roll snack featured on Almost Super Mom! Now we don’t have to skip our favourite breakfast tradition even when we’re on the road!

2. Kiss pies


Are you feeling very intrigued by the idea of making delicious baked goods over a campfire but your kids aren’t huge fans of cinnamon so you’re not sure the rolls are quite the answer for you? Then perhaps you’d prefer to make something chocolatey and bite sized instead! We’ll fully admit that we make these adorable and totally scrumptious “kiss pies” way more often than we probably should. Check out how Picky Palate nestled Hershey’s Kisses in the centre of sweet dough and baked them right over their campfire for a nice treat.

3. Campfire banana boats


If you’re going to go to the trouble of making a delicious snack from scratch, would you love to make it something that your kids can actually help you put together and add toppings to as they please? Then we absolutely suggest taking a look at how Fresh Off The Grid made these fantastic campfire banana boats! As an added bonus, these are quite easy to travel with as well. Just make sure your bananas don’t get squished on the way there!

4. Elote campfire corn


If you’ve never had elote, or Mexican street corn, we’re sorry to tell you that you have been missing out on an extremely delicious thing! Now, a “street food” recipe might not sound like something you’d think of making for yourself on a serene evening in the woods or on a sunny afternoon by the lake, but Saving Money Camping is here to tell you how and why elote is actually the perfect easy campfire meal.

5. S’Mores in a bag


When our kids were very small, we used to love being able to make them “walking snacks”. Walking snacks are any little munchie that can be made in a bag so the kids can wander and play easily while they eat. We’re sure you can take a good guess at how popular these S’mores bags have been around our campfires over the years then! Find out how they’re made in just a few simple steps on Thirty Handmade Days.

6. Easy campfire tarts


Are you still thinking about how delicious the idea of making baked goods over your campfire sounds so you’d like to collect as many ideas and recipes as possible before you head out on your latest woodland adventure? Then here’s another fantastic treat for you to add to your list! Take a look at Cooking Classy to learn how they made these little campfire tarts that are like pie cups filled with cut strawberries and topped with whipped cream.

7. Campfire orange cinnamon rolls


Perhaps cinnamon rolls actually are your favourite thing to make when you’re camping but you’ve had the rolls many times now and you’re looking for another fun way to do it, just to keep things interesting for the kids? Well, if you’re open to adding a bit of extra flavour to a classic, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Oleander and Palm made their campfire cinnamon buns inside an emptied orange peel! The finished buns aren’t necessarily fully orange flavoured, but baking them in the peel definitely adds a fresh little zest to each bite.

8. Campfire French bread pizza


Just because you’re out of range for pizza delivery places while you’re camping in the woods or pitching tents by the lake doesn’t mean you can’t have your kids’ favourite dinner at all! Of course, the idea of trying to made a regularly shaped pizza over a fire sounds a bit disastrous and if you’ve ever had one of those frozen pizzas that you’ supposed to put on the rack in your oven go wrong then you already know why! That’s why we thought these French bread style pizzas featured on A Thrifty Mom were such an effective idea. They show you how to build your “pizzas”, wrap them in tinfoil, and bake them to perfection right there over the open flame.

9. Grilled foil-pack loaded cheesy fries


Are you very interested indeed in the idea of making tinfoil wrapped campfire meals but your kids eat pizza all the time and you’d rather help them making something else, since a family trip is kind of a special occasion? Then maybe you’d prefer to give these awesome grilled loaded cheesy fries outline on Table Spoon a try! They’re made in little folded tinfoil packs so each person can dress their loaded fries as they please.

10. S’Mores campfire cones


Have you been scrolling through the rest of our list but still finding yourself thinking about the S’mores walking snack we showed you higher up, but you’d rather not have your kids eating out of bags if you can help it because it just creates more trash that you have to clear out of the campsite? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at how Frugal Coupon Living made a S’more flavoured snack inside a delicious ice cream cone instead! We like that the cone serves a dual purpose by holding all your ingredients while you snack and by acting as the “graham cracker” component.

11. Camping quesadillas


While we’re on the topic of delicious dinner classics made in tinfoil so they can be cooked on a fire or grill rather than in a kitchen, here’s another delicious Mexican meal idea to add to your plates next to the elote we showed you above! Check out how quickly and easily Cupcake Diaries put together, wrapped, and grilled these delicious tasting campfire quesedillas that are simply enough for your kids to help make with their own favourite ingredients.

12. Campfire “dump cake”


Speaking of recipes that you can get your kids in on, here’s a dessert idea that they’ll absolutely be capable of helping you with as well! We like this “dump cake” idea featured on Simply Budgeted because the kids will have a blast literally dumping the ingredients out into a pan and they’ll also feel very proud while they tell family and friends that they helped make the whole meal for the night, right down to the sweets at the end.

13. Loaded campfire nachos


If we’re being honest with you, the very moment we read the word “loaded” when we were talking about the loaded cheesy fries recipe earlier on our list, another classic dinner that can also be served “loaded” popper into our minds: nachos! Like so many of the other delicious meals we’ve show you so far that can be made in an oven, this particular nacho recipe has been altered so that it sits inside a folded tinfoil tray. Get the full details for how to make it happen on Spindle Designs.

14. campfire peach cobbler


By this point on our list, we’re sure you can probably tell that we really love baked goods. That’s why we’ve included so many different campfire baking options on here, and we’re not done yet! Here’s one more fantastic sweet dish before we go: a mouth watering grilled peach cobbler. Sierra Trading Post gives you an ingredients list and teaches you precisely how to make it over the campfire until it’s golden crisp and done to perfection.

15. Campfire pizza pockets


Are you still thinking about how great having a campfire pizza idea in your back pocket would be since you know that’s something your kids will always eat no matter how they’re feeling, but you’d still prefer to make them something they can pick up and run down to the lake with rather than having to cut off large pieces of pizza bread and put them on a plate? Then we have a feeling you’d get along better with a handheld recipe like these awesome campfire pizza pockets! Get more details for how they’re made from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons.

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