DIY & Crafts: 11 Fun Things You Can Make with Embroidery Hoops! 

When you discover the versatility of embroidery hoops, a whole new crafting world opens up for you. All of a sudden you start thinking about all of your DIY ideas that would involve a hoop and you wonder what took you so long to uncover this brilliant hack! Here are 11 fun things you can make with embroidery hoops before the day ends!

1. Embroidery Hoop Photo Mobile 


How you’re going to display photographs is a crucial decision when you move into your own home. You can put them into regular frames like everybody else, or you can create Natalie Wright‘s innovative photo mobile that puts your most memorable moments in the center of attention!

2. Embroidery Hoop Wreath 


Making a wreath is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to liven up your living space. Wreaths are usually seen on the front door, but they are just as magical when displayed in any room of your home. Find out how Life of Bliss made this big indoor wreath with an embroidery hoop!

3. Embroidery Hoop Tambourine 


Musicians and parents have something in common – the knowledge that handmade instruments have the most special charm! Kids love to play with instruments, so make these embroidery hoop tambourines by A Bubbly Life and encourage their artistic expression!

4. Embroidery Hoop Wall Organizer 


An organized home is a beautiful home! Nobody likes to live in a cluttered environment and if you’ve been running out of functional organizers lately, we found one at DIY Candy that is simple to make and very convenient to use. You’re going to need an embroidery hoop and two different fabrics!

5. Embroidery Hoop Yarn Decoration


When you first moved into your home you loved the idea of bare white walls but now they’re starting to look a bit boring. Spice them up with a creative yarn decoration that you can make by utilizing an embroidery hoop and the guidance by Enthralling Gumption!

6. Embroidery Hoop Light 


One embroidery hoop alone can help you create the most marvelous items, but when you’re working with several hoops at the same time, the results are that much more stunning. Take this gorgeous embroidery hoop pendant light by Petal + Ply as an example!

7. Embroidery Hoop Pin Cushion


The great thing about embroidery hoops is that they come in various different sizes, meaning you can create items for your home that are both big and small. If you’ve been looking for a way to DIY a tiny pin cushion, Yellow Spool has a wonderful tutorial!

8. Embroidery Hoop Thread Rack 


We assume you’re going to need a thread rack to go with that pin cushion, so since you’re already buying embroidery hoops and hanging out at Yellow Spool, we wanted to share this brilliant idea for a thread rack with you. You can finally organize your crafting corner!

9. Embroidery Hoop Clock 


Regular clocks have nothing on a clock that you make yourself. Think of how many times in a day you glance at the clock to check the time – we dare say that it’s a high number! You deserve to have a clock that feels easy on the eyes, so head over to Melly Sews and get the tutorial for this lovely embroidery hoop clock!

10. Embroidery Hoop Modern Mobile 


Mobiles are such a fun decoration piece! As soon as you hang them up, your living space gets a whole new vibe. They are also pretty easy to make, you only need to tap into your creativity, get an embroidery hoop and find the how-to at Dwell Beautiful!

11. Embroidery Hoop Terrarium 


We write about terrariums a lot because they are a gorgeous and modern way of bringing some greenery into your home without having to sacrifice too much of your space – which is especially great if you live in a small apartment. Our current favorite terrarium project is one you can find at Lydi Out Loud!

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