DIY & Crafts: 12 DIY Projects That Honor the Beauty of Silver 

Silver and gold are like the yin and the yang, but gold often gets more recognition and attention. That’s probably because it has a more luxurious look, but people tend to forget that silver can appear as very upscale as well! Because we can never say no to a metallic DIY project, we’re bringing you 12 DIY silver projects that are going to give your home a lush and modern touch!

1. Silver Chalkboard Platter 


This one is one of the simplest silver projects ever, because you’re only going to need a vintage silver platter and some chalkboard paint! Within minutes your home can be richer for an innovative message board that is both useful and stylish. Get the details at Polkadot Chair!

2. Silver Spoon Rings 


You surely own some silver jewelry pieces but we dare say none of them are quite as unique as these silver spoon rings by The Merrythought! When you stumble upon some vintage spoons it’s good to know how easily they can be turned into charming silver rings.

3. Silver Bunny 


Bunnies are always a welcome decor piece, but even more so in spring when we celebrate Easter. Everybody wants their decorations to be the most special because let’s be honest, there’s always some silent competition going on! If you love this gorgeous silver bunny, visit Just Crafty Enough for tutorial!

4. Silver Lanterns


Lighting is one of the things that heavily define your living space. If you want to create an enchanting ambiance, lanterns are a great pick but you don’t have to stop there – you can give them a silver and glittery look to fully bring out their glamor, as shown at Two Delighted!

5. Silver Lampshade


Another silver lamp design comes from Design Sponge and it’s a tutorial for giving your big lampshade a silver leaf makeover. Using a silver leaf is a quick and easy way to give the lampshade a completely different and much trendier style that’s going to reflect onto the whole room!

6. Silver Chair 


We all eventually find ourselves in a situation when we need to upgrade some of our furniture. You’ve either thrifted an old chair and want to give it a modern makeover or you’ve gotten bored with a chair you already own and feel ready to completely revolutionize it. Visit Centsational Style to learn how your chair can get a silver touch!

7. Silver Seashell Necklace 


Bring together the charm of coastal jewelry and the allure of metallic accessory pieces by making this silver seashell necklace by Lovely Etc! Silver necklaces can definitely be considered mainstream at this point, but it’s the seashell pendant that is a very refreshing sight!

8. Silver Dog Treats Ornaments 


Dogs are our best furry friends and definitely a part of the family. Because their value in our lives is beyond measure, they deserve a silver ornament of their own! The silver dog treat ornaments by Miss Molly Says can be used to decorate your pooch’s special corner of the house!

9. Silver Vanity 


Having a proper vanity set up in your bedroom is something that every makeup enthusiast can appreciate. It really makes you feel like a superstar every single day! In oder to truly get your diva on, your vanity needs to have a very special look  – the silver vanity by Live Love DIY is a great example!

10. Silver Pear 


Faux fruit is one of those decoration pieces that have been around for ages but somehow they never get boring. They are a timeless centerpiece but you can give them a contemporary metallic tone by painting them silver! Find out more at Domestically Speaking.

11. Silver Magnets 


We all know how good magnet letters look on a fridge, but you can also use them on a magnet board that keeps you organized or motivated. Rather than using the regular colorful ones that are very cute but not too chic, opt for these gorgeous silver magnets by A Spark of Creativity.

12. Silver Clock 


A clock is a necessary element in every home because we all want to stay on track with the time, but it also has a very big decorative potential. Make sure your clock has a style that impresses you every day, just like this disco-inspired silver clock by Club Crafted!

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