DIY & Crafts: 13 DIY Disco Ball Inspired Projects for the True Dancing Queen 

Nothing says party like a good old disco ball! If you are known for your love of dancing and celebrating, you surely hold a special affection for disco balls! You can easily incorporate this motive into your home decor, fashion choices and especially party planning. Here are some of the most epic disco ball inspired projects that you can bless your home with!

1. Heart Shaped Disco Ball 


We’ll start with a proper disco ball that’s not so much a ball as it is a big heart. This is a great idea if you’re throwing a party for your significant other or celebrating an engagement! Show everyone the glistening power of love with this heart shaped disco ball by Brit + Co!

2. Disco Ball Costume 


Be ready for your next costume party with this epic disco ball costume that is going to blow everyone away! It’s definitely one of those costumes that send a clear message of who is the ultimate party lover, so head over to Studio DIY to grab your instructions!

3. Disco Ball Helmet 


Why settle for a regular helmet when you can have the most epic disco ball helmet in town? This one is going to make you look cooler than cool and you’ll definitely want to get your hands on it if there’s a special someone you’re looking to impress. Get the details at Instructables!

4. Disco Ball Hanging Planter


Hanging planters are a big hit in modern homes, but figuring out a creative way to hang your plants does not come without its challenges. If you love all things disco and you want to give your home a youthful and carefree undertone, the disco ball hanging planter we found at A Beautiful Mess is the right one for you!

5. Disco Ball Drink Stirrers 


When you’re planning a party, the big disco ball hanging from the ceiling doesn’t have to be the only one of its kind. You can incorporate tiny disco balls into the party decorations, just like Julep did with these chic and unique disco ball drink stirrers!

6. Disco Ball Pom Pom Shoes


Is there a pair of shoes that always makes you feel like you are the dancing queen? That one pair that has party written all over it? It’s time to celebrate your dancing shoes by giving them an adorable disco ball makeover! Check in with Honestly WTF to see how its done!

7. Disco Ball Tree


If you firmly believe that there’s no such thing as too many disco balls, then you’re definitely going to be up for making this exceptional disco ball tree by Studio DIY! You can set it up as a flawless decor piece at your next home party or use it as a replacement for your regular Christmas tree!

8. Disco Ball Headband 


Never underestimate the power of a good hair accessory. Styling your hair for a party can be a bit nerve wracking but a simple headband will keep your hair in place and give you a neat look. However, the disco ball headband by A Subtle Revelry is also going to make you the queen of the party!

9. Disco Ball Terrarium


Mini terrariums bring a special kind of charm into a modern home. You can place them on any surface and they won’t take up much space or you can use them as part of the centerpiece on your dining table. Either way, we’re hooked on these terrariums with disco balls we saw at Brit + Co!

10. Disco Ball Snowman 


Even if you’re not a fan of cold weather and the snow, you have to admit that snowmen have a certain appeal. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of childhood? Thankfully, you don’t have to go out into the cold to build a snowman – A Bubbly Life will show you how to make one from disco balls!

11. Disco Ball Place Card 


Hosting a party anytime soon? Surprise your guests with customized disco ball place cards that they can keep as party favors! Get the tutorial at Oh So Beautiful Paper if you want to make sure that your friends will always remember that special evening!

12. Disco Ball Backdrop 


There’s no party without a photo booth station! If you want to bring out the true essence of disco in all of your party photos, the safest bet is to make a disco ball backdrop that is going to bless every single photograph with its reflective charm! Oh Happy Day shares the tutorial.

13. Disco Ball Vase


Even the most ordinary detail in your home can be turned into something unique and eye-catching. Did you know that you can display your flowers in a vase that looks like a real disco ball? Life’s a dream when even displaying flowers feels like a party! Find out more at Sparkler!

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