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When you see the first butterfly of the year, you can tell that spring has finally arrived. The patterns and colors of the butterfly’s wings are something we never get tired of admiring and it’s no wonder children and puppies love to chase them around the yard! Butterflies are also a symbol of transformation and perseverance. Celebrate these tiny but majestic creatures with these colorful DIY butterfly crafts! 

1. Origami Butterflies 


Origami is one of the best ways to create with paper, because it shows you how much can be achieved by simply bending the paper in a right way. Red Ted Art shares a tutorial for origami butterflies that you can make together with your kids on a rainy afternoon!

2. Paper and Wire Butterflies 


You’re going to have to do a double-take when you see the butterflies we found at You Are My Fave because they look incredibly realistic! Draw the pattern of the wings on the paper with a permanent marker and then use wire to create the body that connects the wings!

3. Butterfly Costume 


We all go through different transformations in life and if this year has felt super transformative for you already, you can honor that with a magnificent butterfly costume that is going to blow everyone away at the next costume party! Natalina shares the instructions!

4. Butterfly Tree Centerpiece 


We all spend a lot of our time indoors and sometimes it’s easy to feel a bit detached from mother nature. Thankfully there are decoration ideas that help you channel the beauty of nature within your living space. Visit Rhythms of Play to learn how you can set up this gorgeous butterfly tree centerpiece!

5. Butterfly Luminary 


Creating a warm and magical ambiance in your home should be your top priority as a home owner. Luminaries are always a good idea if you’re aiming for an enchanted and romantic atmosphere. Find out how Magical Daydream created this breathtaking butterfly luminary!

6. Tulle Butterflies 


Is your little toddler totally obsessed with fairytales and constantly daydreams about the magical creatures? Invite them to help you make these charming tulle butterflies by Bird’s Party! The pink tulle has a gentle and fairytale-like appearance, turning your homemade butterflies into a very special magical beings!

7. Butterfly Sensory Bottle 


Sensory bottles are loved by kids because they never get boring and gazing into them has a calming effect, which is also why they are loved by parents, because they help their kids focus and relax. If you want to make a butterfly sensory bottle, check in with Rhythms of Play!

8. Butterfly Chandelier 


Becoming a parent is definitely one of the biggest life transformations one can experience and in this fashion, along with the fact that butterflies represent pure bliss, you can create a beautiful butterfly chandelier for your nursery! Oopsey Daisy will show you how.

9. Butterfly Wings 


Children absolutely adore butterflies. They love to run after them and chase them, trying so hard to catch them and admire their wonderful wings. Because you are the coolest parent ever, you can sew these lovely butterfly wings by Crazy Little Projects and turn your little munchkin into a butterfly for the day!

10. Butterfly Hand Puppet 


When you have kids, you finally remember how good it felt to play all day long! Kids love to create imaginative worlds and lend their voice to different characters on a daily basis. Check out an amazing tutorial at Easy Peasy and Fun for a butterfly hand puppet that could be a part of your kid’s newest make-believe adventure!

11. Butterfly Wreath


We’ve already said that seeing the first butterfly of the year usually means the arrival of spring, but you can amplify that feeling by making a wreath that’s full of butterflies! This is a lovely way to welcome in a new season and you can get the details at Up To Date Interiors.

12. Butterfly Lantern 


When you buy a simple lantern lamp you can sometimes already feel that it’s going to need some additional decorating, but you might wonder how can you decorate a lamp without covering it up too much. The Happy Housie added tiny butterflies to the lantern and the result is absolutely perfect!

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