DIY & Crafts: Cute and Cuddly Fashion: DIY Baby Onesies 

Once you have a baby you quickly learn that making and buying clothes for them is a big guilty pleasure. Even though they’re going to outgrow their clothes super fast and that they genuinely don’t care about what they’re wearing (it all ends up covered in baby food anyways!), there’s such a big element of cuteness to babies wearing adorable onesies that we have to share this selection of DIY baby onesies with you!

1. Geeky Baby Onesies 


If you love immersing yourself in classic TV shows and books, your baby is going to need a geeky onesie to match your style! Once they grow up, you can hook them onto all the same shows and books, but we’ll start with these DIY onesies by 5 Little Monsters!

2. Pun Baby Onesie


We love puns! They make people chuckle and an element of humor is always a welcome thing, especially in the first weeks and months of having a baby when you’re super tired. You can find out how this cheeky baby onesie was made at Practically Functional 

3. Ruffled Sleeves Onesie 


You want your little bundle of happiness to wear the prettiest clothes and you’ll definitely be taking hundreds of photographs of them in the most adorable onesies, to capture the precious memories! We love the onesies with ruffled sleeves by See Kate Sew!

4. Giraffe Onesie 


Children are naturally drawn to animals and they usually start learning all about the animal kingdom very early on. You can honor and encourage this love of animals by creating a stenciled onesie with a beautiful giraffe motive! Find out all the details at Stencil Stories 

5. Fabric Marker Onesie 


It’s hard to find the time to conquer a crafting project when you’re taking care of a little baby all around the clock. This is when simple DIY projects really come in handy! Visit Welcome to the Mouse House to learn how you can quickly decorate a onesie with fabric markers!

6. Comfy Baby Onesie 


Toddlers love to be comfortable, which is why we dress them up in onesies so very often! There are different styles of onesies you can choose from, for example Fabric‘s baby onesie covers your baby’s legs all the way to the ankles, making it a great choice on the days that are a little colder!

7. Faux Vest Onesie 


Admit it, you love dressing up your baby in dresses or tuxedos! There’s something about staring into a little version of yourself in grown up clothes that gives you all the feels! Check in with Make It & Love It to learn all about this charming faux vest onesie!

8. Onesie Dress


If we’re giving you a tiny tux tutorial you know we have to include a tiny onesie dress as well! These dresses are super simple to make and once you make one of them, you’ll definitely feel compelled to make more. Nothing beats a homemade line of baby dresses! Get the how-to at Create & Babble!

9. Crochet Onesie 


The age old rule is that when the baby sleeps, the momma should sleep as well, but sometimes you can’t help yourself to be wide awake and make the best of those few hours of solitude and quiet time that you get. Use them for crocheting this lovely onesie by Croby Patterns!

10. Animal Stenciled Onesies 


We’re bringing you more animal inspired onesies because only sharing one didn’t seem enough – after all, there are so many animals to choose from, it’s only fair we give you options! The animal stenciled onesies by Make It & Love It look adorable from both the front and the back, which is a very cool and special feature!

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