DIY & Crafts: Delightfully Organized: 13 Fun DIY Pin Cushions

Pin cushions are the one thing that cannot be missing from your crafting supplies, especially if you love sewing. They’re going to make sure that your pins and needles are safely stored in a way that can’t accidentally harm you or anyone else that might stumble upon them. As a passionate crafter, we know you’ll want to make them yourself, so here are 13 DIY pin cushions to choose from!

1. Mason Jar Pin Cushion 


If this is your first time making a pin cushion or you simply want to add a little extra storage to it, we can’t recommend a better idea than the one by The Seasoned Homemaker! It’s a mason jar turned pin cushion and like with all mason jar projects, it’s simple, practical and beautiful!

2. Floral Pin Cushion 


Considering how much you love handmade creations, it’s safe to assume that you are a very visual person, so you’re going to want a pin cushion that doesn’t only serve its purpose but also has an element of beauty to it. Treasurie shares a tutorial for lovely floral pin cushions!

3. Plastic Animal Pin Cushion 


Animals are our most loyal companions and if you want a tiny plastic animal to always keep you company as you’re crafting, the pin cushion idea by Small Good Things is right up your alley! It’s creative and unique, bringing a whole new level of inspiration to the table!

4. Tree Stump Pin Cushion 


Are you a devoted nature lover? Do you love honoring natural materials and motives within your home? You can include them in your sewing routine as well, by making this super adorable tree stump pun cushion by Bugs and Fishes! It’s always the little things that hold the greatest value!

5. Present Pin Cushion 


This pin cushion is actually a great idea for a gift, considering it looks like a wrapped present. If you have a friend who is always creating the most wonderful things and you want to support them in their craft, this is a lovely gift idea that you won’t even have to wrap because it’s perfect the way it is! Get the inside scoop at The Sewing Chick.

6. Voodoo Pin Cushion 


We love people with a sense of humor because life shouldn’t always be taken so seriously – and neither should DIY projects! If you love to get a little cheeky, you can make yourself these voodoo-looking pin cushions by Red Ted Art, just make sure your neighbor doesn’t see them!

7. Strawberry Pin Cushion 


Warmer months are bringing us the days when the most delicious fruit is in season again. Follow these seasonal changes and swap the old pin cushion you have for the one by Down Grapevine Lane that’s going to make you crave strawberries!

8. Pineapple Pin Cushion 


Here’s another fruity pin cushion and this one comes from Love Crochet! People seem to be obsessed with the way a pineapple looks and we honestly can’t blame them. Something about it feels like looking at a sunshine, which makes it a great idea to include it in your sewing supplies!

9. Donut Pin Cushion


Maybe fruit isn’t your thing at all and you’re much more loyal to baked goods, such as donuts! Wrapped Up In Rainbows is going to show you how you can make a tasty-looking donut pin cushion that’s going to keep all of your pins safe and definitely nudge you to get a donut after you’re done crafting!

10. Teacup Pin Cushion 


There’s nothing cuter than a vintage teacup! If you manage to find one either at your grandma’s house or at a thrift market, you should definitely check in with Start Stitching to see how you can turn it into the most unique and old-fashioned pin cushion!

11. Pin Cushion Organizer 


Maybe you need more than just a simple pin cushion and you’re ready to go the extra mile in your organization system. The pin cushion organizer we found at Flamingo Toes is perfect for that! It helps you store all of the pins and needles, as well as other supplies that are usually scattered around in different drawers!

12. Truck Pin Cushion 


We love projects that are simple, affordable and can make use of a super random item! If you have kids you surely have a lot of toy vehicles lying around the house and we bet you never thought of turning one of them into a pin cushion. Find out how you can do it at Naehmarie!

13. Cactus Pin Cushion 


The award for the most brilliant pin cushion of all times goes to A Beautiful Mess who made the most obvious pin cushion: a cactus! When you accidentally forget to store the pin cushion away, it’s going to look like a tiny house plant and blend right in!

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