DIY & Crafts: DIY Fringe Decor: Exceptional Idea for a Lively Home 

Is your home needing a little decorative pick-me-up? Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve redecorated or maybe the promise of spring is making you inspired to bring some more dynamic into your home environment. Decorating with fringe is a great way to create a lively living space that will never get boring. Check out our best DIY fringe decor ideas!

1. Fringe Chandelier 


Chandeliers are always noticeable and exceptional, but especially so when they embody a free-spirited boho philosophy! We’re obviously talking about Jungalow‘s fringe chandelier that’s going to be a marvelous and dynamic addition to any room of your home!

2. Fringe Wall Hanging 


All it takes is a simple fringe wall hanging and your living space can be completely transformed! This is a great idea if you’re getting tired of bare walls and want to spice them up with something colorful, unique and fun. Get the tutorial for this fringe decoration at Made in a Day!

3. Fringe Party Backdrop 


Fringe isn’t just a great decor option for the everyday living situation, it also has exceptional value when you’re setting up party decorations. It has always been our go-to choice when we’re hosting a party! Cultivate Create will help you set up the perfect colorful fringe backdrop.

4. Fringe Throw Pillow 


Throw pillows are something we can never have too much of. No matter how many of them we make and snuggle with on the sofa, there’s always going to be a new idea to try and a new pillow to get comfy with. Visit Sugar & Cloth to get a tutorial for a charming throw pillow with fringe!

5. Oriental Fringe Cushion 


Fringe and pillows really make a good match so we have to share another throw pillow idea! This one comes from The Creative Spark and it’s a wonderful option for those of you who feel drawn to oriental decor pieces. This one is vibrant, bright and super lively!

6. Fringe Lampshade 


Is there a lampshade in your home that is long overdue for a makeover? This incredible idea by Domino proves how a simple addition of fringe creates a whole new style that brings fresh energy into your living space and gives that old lampshade a modern and trendy look!

7. Fringe Geometric Heart 


If you’re planning a birthday surprise for someone you love, you’ll definitely want to make this fringe geometric heart by This Heart of Mine as part of the surprise! The modern design and the colorful appearance are a great gift for that special soul in your life who always keeps you on your toes!

8. Thin Fringe Tablecloth 


Even though decorating with fringe usually results in pieces that vibrantly stand out and can boast with their dynamic style, it doesn’t always have to be this way. You can opt for very subtle and thin fringe, just like Nourish and Nestle did with this neutral and minimalist thin fringe tablecloth.

9. Macrame Fringe Table Runner 


A lot of table runners have the addition of fringe, so if this concept doesn’t seem particularly innovative to you, take Driven by Decor‘s advice and create a table runner with a macrame fringe. The charming macrame design is a lovely way to spice up the classic fringe!

10. Rainbow Fringe Blanket


Chilly winter days are almost an invitation to create some beautiful blankets that will be able to keep us warm when we’re lounging on the couch. We love this idea by Club Crafted for a blanket with the most charming rainbow fringe that will bring some color into the gloomiest and gray winter days!

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