DIY & Crafts: DIY Honeycomb Crafts: The Sweetest Design

The look of a honeycomb can be an incredibly sweet addition to your home! It’s a very modern design concept that brings dynamic into your environment and blesses your livings space with innovative decor pieces. Rather than shopping for honeycomb-inspired items, here are some charming honeycomb crafts you can make in the comfort of your own home, while drinking tea with lots of honey!

1. Honeycomb Backdrop 


Are you planning a party or a wedding? You’re definitely going to need a backdrop! When you think about a backdrop, you think about something that sets a certain mood for the photograph and we think that this giant honeycomb backdrop by Green Wedding Shoes sets the sweetest mood possible!

2. Honeycomb Soap Bars 


The honeycomb soap bars we found at Garden Therapy look so much like the real thing you’ll have to make sure to label them as soap, so that no family member of yours accidentally bites into them! Joke aside, these soap bars will bring a whole new beauty to your bathroom and can also be the most magical gift for someone you love!

3. Honeycomb Hearts Cake Toppers 


Speaking of love, any Valentine’s Day plans yet? If you’re running late with picking out the gift, A Kailo Chic Life shares a great idea for cake toppers that are going to blow your sweet Valentine away! They are heart-shaped and made from honeycomb paper, perfect for the person you call honey! 

4. Honeycomb Wall Art


If you want the honeycomb magic to truly leave an impact on your living space, investing in a big wall art piece is your best bet! Hello DIY is going to show you how you can create a beautifully minimalistic honeycomb with a strong decorative power!

5. Honeycomb Cutting Board  


Cutting boards can get a little boring after a while because most of them don’t have a specific design and if you are the kind of soul that loves to pay attention to the smallest details of your home, a honeycomb cutting board by Club Crafted is right up your alley!

6. Honeycomb Necklace 


The honeycomb design can definitely make an appearance (and a statement) in your accessories as well! InStyle‘s exceptional honeycomb necklace is a piece of jewelry that will always make sure you are at the center of attention, like a proper queen bee!

7. Honeycomb Shelves 


A great way to combine an innovative design with functional storage space is to build these honeycomb shelves by Essentially Erika! They give your home a much-needed dynamic and plenty shelving space, but they also naturally blend in with your interior due to the choice of dark wood.

8. Honeycomb Organizer


Your chosen honeycomb project doesn’t have to be super complex in order to leave its mark on your home. It can be as simple as decorating your desk organizer with some colorful honeycomb stickers that are immediately going to transform the plain surface. Check out Club Crafted for the details!

9. Honeycomb Pin Board 


Another great way to bring honeycomb into your workspace is by building a honeycomb pin board! All of a sudden staying organized won’t feel like a necessary evil anymore, but rather something inspiring and fun! Get the instructions for this beautiful pin board at Apartment Therapy.

10. Honeycomb Decal


Some days, all you truly need is washi tape and a little bit of imagination. If you want to decorate your walls in a honeycomb fashion but don’t want build a big wall art piece, a simpler but equally effective way is to create a washi tape honeycomb decal, inspired by Idle Hands Awake!

11. Honeycomb Vase


Flowers are always a gorgeous addition to your home, but how you display them carries a lot of weight. The vase has to be an element that you enjoy resting your eyes upon and this white honeycomb vase we got at Always Rooney definitely meets all of our standards!

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