DIY & Crafts: DIY Pacifier Clips: Never Lose Another Binky Again! 

Babies sure love their precious little binkies, don’t they? Parents love them too, because they make their babies feel comforted and happy. The problem arises when the baby loses the pacifier and starts crying. We all know that toddlers are quick on their feet and love to misplace things, so here are 13 DIY pacifier clips that will make sure no pacifier ever goes missing again!

1. Braided Pacifier Clips 


Keep it simple and soft with these braided pacifier clips we found at Live a Little Wilder! They have a super chic look that’s not going to feel out of place and the softness of the fabric makes them a great material for your little one to play with!

2. Fabric Pacifier Clips 


One of the biggest guilty pleasures of being a parent is dressing up your baby in the cutest (and silliest) outfits every single day. If you’re feeling very creative and want to make a whole collection of pacifier clips to go along with the different outfits, visit Viva Veltoro for details!

3. Modern Pacifier Clips 


Most baby-related stuff is decorated with different patterns, themes and colors. If you’ve found yourself struggling to find a pacifier clip that has a much more mature and minimalist undertone, you’ll be happy to see Laura Radniecki‘s tutorial for modern clips!

4. Suede Pacifier Clip


There are a few amazing materials you can make the pacifier clip from and suede seems to be very high on that list. It’s easy to work with because of its softness and you can use two differently colored suede laces to create a gorgeous braid. Find out more at Baby Jungle!

5. Wooden Beads Pacifier Clip 


Kids can only benefit from being introduced to natural materials and if you can get your hands on some wooden beads, you should definitely make this pacifier clip by My Only Sunshine! It has a very organic look, one that is admiringly simplistic, calming and modest!

6. Ribbon Pacifier Clip 


Did you know a ribbon can serve you as a beautiful pacifier clip? Head over to Johnnie and Angela to find out how a ribbon paired with velcro can make up a unique pacifier clip that even comes on and off, so it has an added element of functionality!

7. Patterned Pacifier Clips 


Do you love interesting patterns, such as polka dots or pepita? Maybe your little baby will love them as well! Go shopping for some beautiful patterned fabric and check in with Make It & Love It to see how you can turn it into the most creative and lovely pacifier clips!

8. Pink Pacifier Clip 


Pink has long lost its reputation as a color for girls only, so you can show off your love of pink with this beautiful pacifier clip whether you have a boy or a girl! Visit Sunshine Shoppe Supply to get the details on this special elastic pacifier clip in a charming shade of pink!

9. Minimalist Pacifier Clip 


Babies love to touch everything they can get their hands on and play with a variety of items. They love different surfaces and shapes, which is exactly why The Merrythought‘s minimalist pacifier clip is functional in more ways than one! It’s going to keep the binky in place but it’s also going to appear interesting to your bundle of joy!

10. Pacifier Clip with Tags 


This is another idea for a pacifier clip that doubles as an interactive toy. Make it interesting for your toddler by sewing tags of different sizes and colors onto the pacifier clip and watch how they grab the baby’s interest! Small Fry & Co shares the instructions.

11. 5-Minute Pacifier Clip 


Having a baby definitely makes you unbelievably busy and tired almost overnight. Sometimes you can’t even imagine setting the time aside to complete your crafting projects like you used to. Thankfully, you’ll only need 5 minutes for the pacifier clip we found at How Does She!

12. Colored Beads Pacifier Clips 


Since you brought your sweet baby into the world you’ve been admiring their colorful personality and the wonder with which they look upon this world. Capture this joy in a gorgeous beaded pacifier clip that is full of beads in a variety of different color shades. This idea comes from A Beautiful Mess!

13. Monochrome Dotted Pacifier Clip


The other spectrum of having a super colorful pacifier clip is, of course, to make a monochrome one! Black and white is a timeless combination that never fails and if you’re going for a pacifier clip that looks elegant and trendy, these dotted clips by Sew Very Lovely can serve as inspiration!

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