DIY & Crafts: Old Technique, Modern Ideas: 13 DIY Decoupage Projects 

Decoupage is one of the oldest crafting techniques and one that every DIY-er knows very well. It’s one of the simplest ways to upgrade the items in your home and it definitely provides you with a whole lot of freedom when choosing the new visuals. This technique is absolutely evergreen and we love combining it with modern decor concepts! Here are our favorite DIY decoupage projects! 

1. Decoupage Napkin Crate 


Old wooden crates always come in handy, as they are a great way to add some extra storage space to your home. If you don’t like the rustic and old-fashioned appearance of a used crate, you can upgrade it with some cute napkins and your decoupage skills. Worry not, Girl in the Garage will guide you through it!

2. Decoupage Malachite Table 


Every furniture piece in your home has a functional as well as decorative purpose and nobody likes looking at that one piece that feels just a little bit off. Maybe your decor preferences have changed or maybe you’re just itching for an upgrade – here’s how you can make a decoupage malachite table by One Kings Lane!

3. Decoupage Marble Chairs 


Since you’re already peeking at One Kings Lane, don’t miss these outstanding decoupage marble chairs as well! You’d have to look deep into your wallet to purchase marble furniture, but thankfully there are plenty of DIY ways around that and decoupaging happens to be our favorite!

4. Decoupage Plates 


When you first move into your home the plain white plates feel like a good idea but maybe after a while you start missing the colors and variety. We all want a bit of liveliness in our kitchen space sometimes, so why not decoupage your plates following the tutorial by Burlap + Blue!

5. Decoupage Ring Cones 


If you are an avid accessory collector and are always struggling with storing all of your jewelry, ring cones are going to change your life. They are one of the best ways to store and display your rings! Dress up your ring cones in any pattern you want by following the how-to at Sisoo!

6. Decoupage Planter 


Plants are such an important and essential part of our living space. They make the ambiance more alive and organic, which often leaves us searching for suitable planters. The best idea is to buy a plain white planter and decorate it with a decoupage technique, as shown at Hungry Heart!

7. Decoupage Coasters 


When you were young you couldn’t possibly understand all the fuss your mom was making about using coasters, but today you understand their importance and the value they bring to your home! Give your coasters a personalized look by following the decoupage step-by-step at It All Started with Paint!

8. Decoupage Knobs 


Sometimes it’s the smallest details that we change in a home and yet the whole space instantly looks different. The knobs on your cupboards and drawers have a lot more significance than we give them the credit for. Here’s a tutorial by A Piece of Rainbow on how to upgrade them in a decoupage style!

9. Decoupage Tray Magnetic Board 


Magnetic boards have become one of the most useful additions to many modern households and we can only thank them for keeping us so organized! A simple baking sheet can be turned into a beautiful magnetic board with a little help from Sadie Seasongoods!

10. Decoupage Hangers 


Another subtle item in everybody’s household that we love to forget about are the hangers! They definitely deserve to look beautiful and contribute their part to the interior of your closet! Dream a Little Bigger will teach you how to decoupage them!

11. Decoupage Wine Bottles 


Wine bottles can be a magnificent decoration piece. Once you figure out their decorative potential you’ll never throw away another wine bottle again! If you don’t like their normal look, you can give them a makeover by utilizing the decoupage technique and the tutorial by The Spruce!

12. Decoupage Shelves


Have you been growing a bit bored, looking at your plain wooden shelves? Maybe the coming of spring has made you more susceptible to blooming patterns and bright colors! Once you learn the tips and tricks of decoupaging, upgrading the shelves won’t be a problem at all. We hear Mod Podge Rocks is a great teacher!

13. Decoupage Jenga Keychains 


Making your own keychains can turn into a tiny obsession, especially if you’re always itching for new ones! We love the idea for these Jenga decoupage keychains by Sarah Ortega. They are totally unexpected and unique, not to mention you get to handpick their pattern and style!

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