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Having organized crafting supplies majorly contributes to a better experience when you’re being creative. If you have a big collection of various different washi tapes you know how difficult it can be to keep them organized. One of the things that can really help with this is a DIY tape dispenser that will always keep your washi tapes in one place!

1. Foil Box Tape Dispenser 


When you’ve used up the entire plastic wrap or aluminum foil and you’re left with the empty box, don’t throw it away! The foil box can be upcycled into a super practical tape dispenser that doesn’t take a lot of space but still stores your big collection of washi tapes! Get the how-to at Hello Creative Family.

2. Modern Tape Dispenser


A big perk of loving DIY projects is that you can always tap into your endless creativity whenever you need something new for your home. If you’ve been dreaming of a new tape dispenser you can create one with a super modern look by following the tutorial at Home Work!

3. Box Tape Dispenser


Maybe your collection of washi tapes is much smaller because you’ve found a few that you like and you’re totally comfortable sticking with them. If that’s the case, this box tape dispenser we found at Craft and Creativity is smaller in size and an incredible organizing hack!

4. Puppy Tape Dispenser 


Puppies are loved universally, so when we saw this puppy tape dispenser at Sparkles of Sunshine we knew all of you are going to love it! This is a great idea for those crafters who don’t like mundane elements in their home and also want to honor the adorableness of puppies!

5. Big Washi Tape Dispenser 


Once you get hooked on buying washi tapes it’s very hard to stop. It’s like an addiction! Because there are so many colors and patterns you simply can’t say no to, you end up with countless washi tape rolls and zero place to store them. Solve this problem once and for all by visiting Craft Your Happiness!

6. Wooden Tape Dispenser 


Do you like the natural and minimalist look of plain wood? Jaime Costiglio has a lovely  tutorial for a wooden tape dispenser that is right up your alley! This tape dispenser is great for wider tapes and absolutely fits into the workshop you have built in the garage!

7. Double-Sided Paper Tape Dispenser


Maybe you’ve already bought a tape dispenser but you don’t like the way it looks. Let’s face it, the brand’s label doesn’t feel particularly inspiring! Thankfully there’s a way to change that and all you’ll need is some double-sided paper and the guidance by Caught on a Whim!

8. Drawer Organizer Tape Dispenser 


Do you have some old drawer organizer stored in the attic that is patiently waiting to be used once again? The time has come for it to shine! Turn it into a super functional tape dispenser that can hold a big number of washi tapes, by getting the tutorial from School of Decorating!

9. Double Tape Dispenser 


Having a big collection of washi tapes means your tape dispenser is going to need to have a respectable length, but if you prefer something shorter that would fit into your crafting cupboard with more ease, we found a really cool double tape dispenser at DIY Network.

10. Polka Dot Tape Dispenser 


Polka dots are always a safe bet when you’re trying to bring the fun out of something. They can turn anything into a cheerful item, even a boring tape dispenser. Visit Best Friends for Frosting to learn how you can make this stylish, chic and unique golden polka dot tape dispenser!

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