DIY & Crafts: Shake, Rattle and Roll: DIY Baby Rattles 

Having a newborn brings a special kind of joy into the house. All of a sudden the little bundle of love is the new center of your universe and there’s nothing that you wouldn’t do for them! Babies love to explore the world they’ve just been brought into and rattles are a huge part of that. They make a fun noise and babies love to play with them! Since homemade toys are the absolute best, here are some ideas for DIY baby rattles! 

1. Modern Baby Rattle


Babies don’t really care about how their nursery is decorated or if their toys match the interior of your home, but parents sure do worry about this! If you love the modern minimalist decoration philosophy, you can’t pass up on this chic baby rattle by Almost Makes Perfect!

2. Plushy Animal Rattles 


We all had a favorite plushy animal as kids and when the time comes for you to make one for your own baby, it definitely awakens all kinds of nostalgic feelings. Make It & Love It shares a lovely tutorial for plushy animal rattles that are going to be your child’s nostalgic toy one day!

3. Soft Block Rattles 


If you don’t like the idea of hard rattles and want something softer for your baby to play with, check out the instructions for these beautiful soft block rattles at While She Naps. They are going to be a great toy well into toddlerhood, when your baby starts stacking blocks on top of each other!

4. Montessori Inspired Rattle 


If you are familiar with the Montessori concept and want to include it in your baby’s daily life and activities, start with this Montessori-inspired rattle by Nerd and Health Nut! The soft tone of the tiny golden bells definitely sets it apart from the other rattles!

5. Wooden Rattle 


Natural materials are always a great choice for baby toys, especially because babies love to put everything they play with in their mouths! Here’s a lovely wooden rattle by Live Well Travel Often that is easy to make and very safe for your baby to play with!

6. Crochet Carrot Rattle 


Take a break from crocheting baby blankets and slippers to make this crochet carrot rattle we found at Make & Do Crew! This is definitely one of the most creative ideas for a rattle and perhaps a good way for your little one to befriend vegetables as early as possible!

7. Teddy Rattle 


We almost can’t imagine a crib without a teddy bear! If you don’t want your baby’s crib to be crowded with unnecessary toys, you can make this teddy rattle by Is It a Toy and basically create two toys within one – a sentimental teddy bear and a functional rattle!

8. Owl Rattle 


If you want your baby to play with a super vibrant and colorful rattle, we can’t think of a better choice than this charming and wise-looking owl rattle by Lovely Little Life! This is a wonderful project to make while your baby is sleeping and you have some time to channel your daily dose of creativity!

9. Butterfly Rattles 


Being a parent is a great experience but in the first months it can be isolating. If you have any friends who also have babies, invite them over for a fun crafting afternoon where you can all bond through making some beautiful butterfly rattles by Amigurumi Today!

10. Rainbow Rattle 


Make a rattle that celebrates all colors of the rainbow and reflects your baby’s joyful personality! Swoodson Says shares a tutorial for a unique rainbow rattle that is soon going to become one of those items you won’t dare to leave the house without!

11. Rattle Balls 


Balls are so much fun for babies to play with, especially if they make noise! Because children grow so fast, it really pays off to invest in toys that are going to keep your baby’s interest in the different phases of growing up. These rattle balls by Next to Nicx are a great choice!

12. Seahorse Rattle 


This seahorse rattle is such an adorable toy to make, especially if you adore anything with a coastal motive. It’s a great choice if you’re trying to make something more unique than a classic teddy bear and honor the sea life! Find the details at Hobby Craft.

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