DIY & Crafts: Shine Bright Like a Diamond: 13 Alluring Diamond Projects 

Marilyn Monroe sang that diamonds are a girl’s best friends and while you may not actually care for real diamonds at all, there’s no denying that their unique shape and everything they represent holds some attraction. If you want to incorporate some more diamonds into your life, start with these 13 alluring diamond projects that aren’t going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars!

1. Origami Diamond Boxes 


Tiny boxes are something we can never have enough of! The little storage space comes in handy when we need to store some important memorabilia or when we want to give a friend a very special gift. Paper Kawaii is going to show you how to make little origami boxes in the shape of a diamond!

2. Geometric Diamond Ornament 


If your home could use a couple of modern decorations that will bring some dynamic to the whole living space, you shouldn’t pass up on this geometric diamond ornament by Ash and Crafts! It perfectly embodies the modern philosophy of decor, merging together geometric shapes and metallic coloring!

3. Paper Diamonds 


Creating with paper is perhaps the easiest and most budget-friendly way to go about crafting. But just because it’s simple, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a challenge! These paper diamonds by Hungry Heart are going to require a lot of focus and precision on your part!

4. Diamond Soap 


Taking showers and baths isn’t just a part of the daily routine – it’s a very important part of self-care and pampering time! Treat yourself like the gem that you are and bring this diamond soap with you the next time you step under the shower! Find out how you can make it at A Beautiful Mess.

5. Diamond Mobile 


Every homeowner has their own decor philosophy and if yours includes a multitude of hanging decorations that attract a lot of attention, we think Sugar & Cloth‘s diamond mobile might fit right into your home! It is as big as it is glamorous!

6. Chic Black Diamond Himmeli


Speaking of mobiles, if you love all-things-Nordic and draw great inspiration from how Scandinavians go about decorating their homes, you’re bound to love this diamond himmeli! It comes in a chic black color and you can find out the secret behind it at Pinja Colada!

7. Diamond Wall Art


Maybe your idea of ideal home decor involves a lot of wall art, in which case, it’s time to bring out some paint and paintbrushes because you’re going to be making it yourself and it’s going to look like a diamond! We’ll let Molly Josefin explain the details.

8. Diamond String Art 


Is painted art just not your thing? Opt for a string wall art instead! The best thing about string art is how simple it is to make and the fact that you can create absolutely any shape you want in a very short time! Visit The Things She Makes if you want your string art to represent a diamond!

9. Diamond Donuts 


Did someone close to you recently get engaged? Throw them a surprise engagement party! As you’re choosing which snacks to serve, remember that most of them should be aligned with the theme of the party, like eVite‘s diamond donuts that look just like giant engagement rings!

10. Diamond Garland 


For the same engagement party, you can use this diamond garland as part of the decoration! Or, if nobody has recently gotten engaged, you can simply hang it in your living room to give your living space an upscale feeling! Get the how-to at The Flair Exchange!

11. Tissue Paper Diamonds 


We always have tissue paper on hand, because you never know when you’re going to need it for an awesome DIY project! It’s so easy to create with and always gives us the best results! Check out these beautiful tissue paper diamonds made by Lovely Indeed!

12. Triangle Diamond Collage


Is your magazine pile becoming a little too stacked? We all know you’re never going to read through most of them again, so bring out the scissors and cut out the most inspirational pictures, organize them in the shape of a diamond and make yourself some brand new wall art! Wonderwood has the inside scoop.

13. Diamond Necklace 


When you hear the words diamond necklace you probably don’t think about a DIY project but we can assure you that something you make with your own hands, passion and creativity has a much bigger value in the long run than something that costs a fortune! Check out how Oh The Lovely Things made this unique diamond necklace!

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