DIY & Crafts: Thrifty and Cozy Homemade Comforts: 13 DIY Quilts 

Making a quilt is one of the most fun experiences you’ll ever have and it can actually prove to be super useful if you have any leftover fabric you need to use up. Quilts can have a sentimental, functional or a decorative purpose – or perhaps all of them at once! Whatever your motive for making a quilt is, here are 13 DIY quilts to get you started!

1. Beginner’s Square Quilt 


If it’s your first time making a quilt, you can start with something basic so that you fully learn about the technique and then slowly progress towards more complex tutorials. Start with this beginner’s square quilt by Katie’s Crochet Goodies and see where it leads you!

2. Modern Triangle Quilt 


Moving away from the classic squared quilt design is a great idea if you’re obsessed with chasing the latest trends! Triangles are a much more suitable geometric shape for a quilt with a super modern look, so check in with See Kate Sew to get a tutorial!

3. T-Shirt Quilt 


We all tend to pile up old T-shirts over the years and then when the time comes to declutter our home we feel too attached to the clothes to give them away. Every T-shirt carries a story and you can honor all of them by turning them into a quilt, as shown at Ready to Take on the World!

4. Rainbow Quilt


The whole point of quilts is that they’re colorful, vibrant and instantly noticeable! They are meant to capture your attention and draw you in. A quilt is not a quilt if it’s not a little extravagant! If you’re loving the look of this rainbow quilt, head over to Craftsy to see how you can make it!

5. Rag Quilt 


You should never throw away old rags because that is very precious fabric that can easily be turned into a big fluffy quilt! The best thing about quilt making is that you don’t have to follow any style rules, you can just pile the rags together and admire the magic they create together! Find out more at Fleece Fun!

6. Vintage Pattern Quilt 


The mere thought of a quilt brings up a desire for something old-fashioned, doesn’t it? You can create your very own quilt with a nostalgic vintage pattern by following the how-to at Tilda. This is the kind of quilt that ends up being passed down from generation to generation!

7. Peaches and Cream Quilt 


Can you imagine making a quilt that’s inspired by your favorite dessert? When it comes to creativity, there are no limits to what you can bring to life! Simple Simon & Company proved this with a handmade quilt that’s visually inspired by peaches and cream!

8. Strip Quilt 


The most common quilt is made of fabric squares, but the modern versions often include different shapes. If you’re still not fully sold on this, you can abandon geometrical shapes altogether and make a quilt from fabric strips! Find out more about it at I Always Pick the Timble.

9. Puff Baby Quilt 


Nothing makes you want to make a quilt more than a new addition to the family! Whether you’ll be making this quilt for your own bundle of joy or you’ll be gifting it to a friend who’s just had a baby, this puff quilt by A Crafted Passion is ideal for little humans, thanks to its incredible softness!

10. Diamond Quilt 


A diamond quilt has the benefit of looking like a classic quilt but with a dynamic twist. It almost feels a bit hypnotizing! This is the one that could never go unnoticed and it really provides you with the opportunity to use up every piece of fabric you have in the home, regardless of the pattern or color! Get the tutorial at Kitchen Table Quilting.

11. Hexagon Quilt 


The popularity of the hexagon shape is undeniable – from hexagon shelves to now a hexagon quilt, the modern households are obsessed with this honeycomb-looking geometric shape! Make your own hexagon quilt by following the tutorial at Polkadot Chair!

12. Flannel Quilt 


If you love the cozy ambiance that only flannel can create, don’t pass up on making a flannel quilt, once again from Simple Simon & Company! This is one of those quilts that you’ll love to wrap yourself in while you’re sitting on your porch on chilly evenings!

13. Striped Quilt 


Maybe your minimalist heart yearns for a quilt that isn’t vibrant or colorful but preferably carries one color only with a calming pattern. Here’s a great idea for a striped quilt that’s definitely an unusual sight but perfect for your simplistic home. Purl Soho never disappoints!

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