DIY & Crafts: A Holiday Smooch: DIY Mistletoes to Hang Around Your Home 

Most holiday decorations are meant to make us smile, laugh or feel a little bit of nostalgia. Then there are those very few special decorations that really reach into our hearts and make us feel the greatest joy of the holiday season. Can you guess which category we’d place the mistletoe in? Make your own mistletoe this year, hang it in a convenient spot and let it inspire you to freely give out kisses to your dearest ones! Here is our selection of DIY mistletoes! 

1. Felt Mistletoes 


You’re going to have so much fun creating this felt mistletoe. Felt is such a great material to work with, it’s easy to cut and shape, it’s soft and it comes in all colors. Check out how Lia Griffith made a felt mistletoe, under which you can even smooch your pooch!

2. Gold Mistletoe Hanger 


Millennial homemakers and others who enjoy in modern home decor concepts aren’t going to settle for a simple mistletoe, no thank you! They will push to give it their own touch of creativity, usually involving a metallic color scheme. Feel Joy shares a fabulous gold mistletoe hanger!

3. Winter Mistletoe 


The berries in the mistletoe usually provide a nice contrast to the green leaves, but if you want your mistletoe to have a really authentic winter look, one without much color, leave the red berries out. Rustic Wedding Chic shares the how-to for the perfect winter mistletoe!

4. Mistletoe Kissing Ball


Mistletoe balls are undeniably popular! They have a very unique look, are normally bigger than the regular mistletoe and they resemble ornaments. If you want to make a mistletoe kissing ball yourself, you’ll find the best tutorial at Apartment Therapy.

5. Paper Mistletoe 


Whenever you want to create something from scratch, paper is always a great resource to turn to. The children love to work with it as well! Instead of spending money on a mistletoe, organize a crafty afternoon with your kids and make Lia Griffith‘s paper mistletoe together!

6. Ribbon Mistletoe


Making the mistletoe is just phase one of the creation process – phase two is how you hang it! We really love Southern Living‘s idea of a wide ribbon tied into a bow. The ribbon comes in classic Christmas colors of white and red, accompanying the mistletoe’s significant green.

7. Simplistic Felt Mistletoe 


Don’t feel intimidated by all the mistletoes that show up on your Pinterest feed. Your handmade mistletoe is special, first and foremost, because it’s your unique creation. Truth be told, we actually adore simplistic decorations that aren’t too over the top. Plant your kisses under Stay-at-Home Artist‘s simple felt mistletoe!

8. Mini Mistletoe 


The charm of a mistletoe is that sometimes you don’t even notice it until you’re standing right under it. A tiny little mistletoe is going to bring so much holiday magic into your space, especially when your Christmas guests find themselves standing underneath it. Get the tutorial for a mini mistletoe at Made with Love and Oats!

9. Crochet Mistletoe 


If we told you that all you need for a DIY mistletoe is yarn and a crochet hook, could you believe it? Maize Hutton shares an amazing tutorial for a crochet mistletoe that you’ll be able to hang up every single year. How little it takes for a new tradition to be born!

10. Printable Mistletoe 


When you are either crazy busy or crazy lazy, making decorations for your home probably doesn’t sound too appealing. All you can think of is wait, how much time is this going to take? I Heart Naptime brings you a mistletoe that you only have to print out and assemble – it doesn’t get any easier than that!

11. Twig Mistletoe 


Those of you who love working with natural materials might wonder if a faux mistletoe is still going to have its charm. To put your worry to rest, we found a mistletoe tutorial at DIY Candy that totally encourages you to make use of natural twigs and mix them with other materials!

12. Wooden Beads Mistletoe


Do you want to give the classic red berries a slightly different look? Use wooden beads instead! This way you’ll make a mistletoe in natural, earthy tones that is going to fit perfectly into a rustic Christmas ambiance. Visit Creative Bug to get the instructions!

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