DIY & Crafts: DIY Clothes Hangers: A Unique and Creative Closet Makeover 

The whole new year, new me philosophy calls for a makeover, doesn’t it? March into this year with a fresh wardrobe and even fresher interior! If your closet is way overdue for some upgrading (whose isn’t?), you can start with the hangers before you even get to the clothes! Here are 13 DIY clothes hangers that will give your closet a special charm!

1. Yarn Clothes Hanger 


Let’s start with something quick and simple, for those of you who are still recovering from December’s craziness and just want to start this new year by slowing down a little bit. You won’t need more than a few minutes to make this yarn clothes hanger by Make & Fable!

2. Crochet Hangers 


You’ve already made all of the crochet scarves and socks you possibly could and now you’ve ran out of ideas. Lazy Daisy Jones comes to the rescue! Use your epic crocheting skills to make these crochet hangers that will give your closet an incredibly unique look!

3. Copper Hangers 


Are you looking for hangers that would fit into your modern apartment? Poppytalk shares the perfect DIY copper hangers that will take your whole closet on a higher level. Nothing can compare to a posh closet and every day when you open it the chic metallic hangers will take your breath away!

4. Color Dipped Hangers 


Maybe your hangers already look pretty stunning, but your inner artist wants to give them a tiny makeover just to make them stand out from one another. Give into this call and follow Sugar and Cloth‘s instructions to make these lovely color dipped hangers!

5. Scallop Edge Hangers 


When it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit! Your home is a reflection of your interior taste, so if you’ve always loved soft and dressed up clothes hangers, don’t settle for the regular ones you have at home! Yarn Inspirations will show you how you can give them a gorgeous scallop edge.

6. Gold Plastic Hangers 


We’ll admit that plastic hangers can look a bit cheap, but you can absolutely upgrade them in a way that gives them a more elegant and classy look. You’re going to need a can of gold spray paint, a big cardboard (unless you want the rest of your home covered in gold paint) and Unlikely Martha‘s guidance!

7. Gold Sequin Hanger 


Whether or not you’re planning to use your hangers in photographs, once you make at least one gold sequin hanger by the example of Lulus, you’ll find it hard to resist taking a million photographs with it. There’s something about sequin that brings the absolute best out of your wardrobe!

8. Mod Podge Hangers 


Do you have any cute wrapping paper left from the holidays? Good news, you can use it up and update your plain hangers! You’re going to get rid of old wrapping clutter and your home will be richer for some brand new hangers – Live Love DIY helps you kill two birds with one stone!

9. Neon Nonslip Hangers 


Don’t you hate it when wire hangers make all of the soft and light clothes slip off? It’s annoying when it happens in the store, but it’s even more annoying when it happens at home! Take matters into your own hands and visit Brit + Co to see a tutorial for neon nonslip hangers!

10. Scarf Hanger 


Be honest – how many scarves do you own and how much of a challenge is it to store them? You can’t hang them on a normal hanger, you don’t want to shove them in a drawer, but what can you do? Apparently, Everyday Dishes has the answer: you can DIY a scarf hanger!

11. Painted Wooden Hangers 


Maybe you already have a chosen pattern in your head that you’d like to have on your hangers but you know they don’t sell hangers like that in any store you’ve been to. This is a perfect opportunity to follow Little Yellow Couch‘s lead and make your own painted hangers!

12. Vintage Hangers 


How do you feel about vintage interior? If you can’t get enough if it, you’ll be delighted to hear that you can now bring some faux vintage elements into your closet as well, to go with your vintage wardrobe pieces. Cut Out + Keep shares the details behind these vintage-looking hangers!

13. Fabric Wrapped Hangers 


If you have any old fabric scraps at hand that are just begging you to be upcycled into something useful, you can make the best of them and update your hangers. Laura Trevey shares a very simple way to dress up your boring hangers into fabric and instantly make them colorful, jolly and unique!

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