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DIY & Crafts: Pinksplosion: Incredible DIY Projects for People Who Love Pink

Pink has always been a delicate and tender color, one that we usually associate with love and femininity. There are so many shades of it, everyone has their chosen favorite – from bold bright pink to a soft light shade! If you love the tender and loving vibe pink gives you, you’re welcome to explore our selection of exceptional DIY pink projects! 

1. Pink Sugar Scrub 


One of the greatest mantras you can ever embody is treat yourself! Self-care is so important, especially if you live a very fast-paced lifestyle. Those few moments in a day that you take just for yourself are incredibly valuable. Start with this pink sugar scrub by Style Tips 101!

2. Pink and Gold Pineapple 


Pink pairs exceptionally well with gold, creating a sophisticated and elegant color palette that is a perfect choice for home decor inspiration. The combination of the two colors is also captured in this adorable and creative painted pineapple piece we found at Best Friends for Frosting!

3. Pink Keychain 


Without keychains we’d be losing our keys far more often than we normally do! If you are often guilty of misplacing your keys, it pays off to invest in a keychain that is very noticeable and hard to overlook. Made in a Day has a tutorial for a lovely pink keychain!

4. Pink Heart Bookmark 


What is your favorite genre of books? If you’ve answered with romance, we have the perfect bookmark for you! This lovely bookmark by Education is made of hearts and has a strong pink coloring. It’s going to be your companion while you’re re-reading your favorite romance novels!

5. Pink Ombre Cork Board 


Remember cork boards? They used to be incredibly popular but have inevitably gone out of style as people have moved on to more modern versions of memo boards. If you love the concept of a cork board but want to give it a more stylish look, A Bubbly Life shares a great tutorial for a pink ombre cork board!

6. Pink Butterflies 


Butterflies can be your greatest teachers on growth and transformation! The caterpillar has no idea it’s destined to become a butterfly; sometimes all of us are little caterpillars as well, unaware of our own inner potential. Find your wings with Glue Sticks‘ handmade pink butterflies!

7. Pink Diamond Pillow 


After coming home from a long day at work, you deserve all the comfort in the world. You’re super serious about your pillows and you want them to look as lovely and chic as possible. Little White Whale has a tutorial for a trendy pink pillow that looks like a diamond!

8. Pink Bath Bombs 


The project we found at Rebooted Mom is also a member of the treat yourself category. Bath bombs are a true gift! They will turn a regular bath into a magical experience every single time. If you’re dreaming of bathing in pink water, these pink bath bombs are the right treat for you!

9. Valentine’s Day Garland 


It’s never too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day! This year, surprise your special Valentine by not only giving them a present (you know, like everybody else does), but also decorating your home in a way that shows off your affection for them. Vicky Barone‘s pink garland should definitely be a part of it!

10. Pink Wreath 


Do you want to give your home a striking touch of pink in a way that’s visible from the outside too? Make a pink wreath and hang it up on your front door! This is such a bold way to cheer people up from the second they step onto your doorstep! Jennifer Allwood shares the making-of process.

11. Pink Love Sign 


Pink has always been closely associated with love. For many, the color represents everything connected to romance and lovers, so use this to your advantage when you’re decorating your home and make a big pink sign that spells love! Landeelu will show you how.

12. Pink Glass Vase 


Flowers are delicate and breathtaking – just like your favorite shade of pink! It’s no wonder pink is a perfect match for a flower display. If you want to create a gentler energy within your home, buy some flowers and display them in a painted pink glass vase by Kate’s Creative Space!

13. Pink Flamingo Slippers 


When we’re spending our time at home, we want to be as cozy and comfortable as possible. Comfy and plushy slippers are a big part of that! Get creative with your slippers and visit Aww Sam to see the steps you have to take if you want these pink flamingo slippers to warm your feet!

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