DIY & Crafts: 13 DIY Binoculars for Curious and Adventurous Kids 

Kids are natural explorers! They see the whole world as an adventure and are so very eager to put on their lucky boots and go out to explore the wonders of the world. The nature fascinates them beyond belief; from animals to plants, they want to document everything! Here are 13 DIY binoculars that can you can make together and bring the spirit of crafting into their adventures as well!

1. Safari Binoculars 


The thought of your little one in a cute safari hat and binoculars in their hands while spying on your neighbor’s cats, must bring a smile to your face. A child’s world is as vast as their imagination and we dare say these safari binoculars by Arts & Crackers might make it even bigger.

2. Spy Gear Binoculars 


Does your kid dream of becoming a spy when they grow up? Encourage them to make Doodle Craft‘s spy binoculars as the first part of their super spy gear! They will be so excited to live out this dream at such an early age and become the youngest known spy in history!

3. Camo Binoculars


The classic camo pattern is going to be perfect for the wild kids who want to look at the wonders of the nature without being spotted! You also can opt for colored camo binoculars, in case your little one wants a more creative take on the pattern. You’ll find the tutorial at Surviving a Teacher’s Salary!

4. Banded Binoculars 


Crafting can be a big adventure too, especially when your kids get to explore their own creativity and make something they’ll get to use every day on their fun field trips! Juniper has a simple tutorial for unique banded binoculars that will accompany your kids on their daily adventures!

5. Glitter Binoculars 


Little divas love exploring too – they just prefer to do it with sparkling style! Some binoculars are meant to blend in and some are meant to stand out. The bright pink glitter binoculars we found at Let’s Do Something Crafty are definitely not meant to go unnoticed!

6. Yarn Binoculars 


The simplest crafting projects often turn out to be the ones that are most fun. You won’t need a long list of supplies to make the binoculars featured at Art Bar. Some toilet paper rolls, leftover yarn from other crafting projects and washi tape will do just fine!

7. Patterned Binoculars 


Play with different patterns and teach your kid a lesson about thinking outside of the box! The binoculars don’t always have to look the same, they can have totally versatile styles and decorations. Find out how Sweet C’s made these adorable patterned binoculars full of diversity!

8. Multicolored Binoculars 


These binoculars definitely have a super professional appearance and only a true explorer could handle them. Since every famous explorer had a team, you’ll need to make multicolored binoculars for the whole gang! Head over to Aunt Annie’s Crafts and snatch the tutorial!

9. Rainbow Binoculars 


Colors can be super cheerful and uplifting, so why not make binoculars that feature all colors of the rainbow? Your kid is going to be so proud of their creation they’ll be out the doors on every sunny day, chasing colorful butterflies with their vibrant binoculars. Get the tutorial at Crafty Morning!

10. Painted Binoculars 


If you are wondering what is the easiest way to decorate DIY binoculars, visit Rae Ann Kelly to see the beautiful painted binoculars! Painting them by hand gives you and your kids the freedom to make them exactly as you want and play around with a variety of colors, shapes and motives!

11. Shark Binoculars 


Sharks are totally badass! Kids with a fascination for sharks are going to adore these shark binoculars; they look bold, brave and a bit dangerous too! Your sweet kiddo will soon have the confidence of a true shark, thanks to the tutorial by Pink Stripey Socks!

12. Animal Print Binoculars 


If your kid wants to use the binoculars to research animals, they are definitely going to need to blend in because the animals can get spooked so easily. Go for the animal print binoculars by Make Life Lovely and jumpstart your little one’s Animal Planet career!

13. Cloud Binoculars 


Binoculars aren’t only meant for observing the animals and nature; they can also serve those daydreamy kids who love to turn their gaze up towards the sky. Remember when we used to lie in the grass as kids and watch the clouds above us float through the sky? Give your very own children this same experience with Buggy and Buddy‘s cloud binoculars!

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