DIY & Crafts: 13 DIY Pinecone Decorations That Are Perfect for December

December is the month when we say goodbye to our pumpkin decorations and start putting up decor pieces that have Christmas written all over it. As you slowly start dressing up your home for the festivities that happen at the end of the year, don’t forget to include pinecones into your decorations. The presence of a natural element brings something special into your living space, so take a peek at these 13 DIY pinecone decorations that will not disappoint!

1. Jingle Bell Pinecone Ornament 


When you’re hanging up the tiny silver bells this year, decide to give them an upgrade! The simple jingle bells are adorable indeed, but they look so much better when they are paired with painted pinecones. Check out Stephanie Lynn‘s exceptional jingle bell pinecone ornament!

2. Pinecone Wreath 


As the traditional fall wreath comes down from the door it’s time to put a new one in its place. We can’t think of a wreath that represents the essence of December better than this charming pinecone wreath with a big bow. Do It Yourself Divas shares the tutorial!

3. Pinecone Door Ornament 


If you want to switch things up a little bit and decorate your door with something other than the classic wreath, The New Wittys features a stunning hanging pinecone door ornament that is definitely going to catch the eye of anyone who passes by your house!

4. Pinecone Turkeys 


Creating a centerpiece for the dining table can be a lot of pressure, especially when you’re hosting your entire family. A cute and comical element is always a good addition, as it brings a smile to people’s faces and makes them giggle. These adorably quirky pinecone turkeys by Lia Griffith are a great example!

5. Pinecone Garland 


December is the month of garlands. If you normally only make garlands for parties and celebrations, they’ll definitely become a part of your interior in the last month of the year. BLDG 25 shares the tutorial for a beautiful pinecone garland that you can hang over a window or a doorframe!

6. Pinecone Flowers 


If you find yourself missing flowers during the winter, you can always DIY them! Gather some pinecones on your next hike and turn them into marvelous flowers, following the tutorial at A Fanciful Twist! The more colors you paint them to, the more diverse your decorations will be!

7. Icicle Pinecones


Icicles are such a wonder! Obviously you can’t have real icicles displayed as decoration, unless you’re planning on leaving the heat off all winter long, but you can capture some of the frozen magic within a pinecone centerpiece, as Clean & Scentsible will show you!

8. Pinecone Snowy Garland 


Here’s another garland, because we all know you’re going to be making plenty of them this month! This one is very simple to make, it’s actually perfect if you need some last-minute decor idea. The pinecones look like they’re covered with snowflakes which makes them absolutely dreamy. Find out how Town and Country Living made it!

9. Pinecone Fire Starters


The best gifts are those that are not only beautiful but functional as well! Instead of spending loads of money on useless party favors for your annual Christmas party, make colorful pinecone fire starters that your guests can use in their fireplace when they return home. Get the details at Something Turquoise!

10. Pinecone Tree Centerpiece 


Every festive dinning table needs a big centerpiece that steals the limelight and is the talk of the town for weeks to come! Paging Fun Mums showed us that sometimes the secret lies in the simplicity. This pinecone centerpiece brings the element of nature into the space and feels majestic despite its simple appearance.

11. Ombre Pinecones 


If you only need a couple of decorative pieces that have a noticeable and charming look, all you need to do is take a paintbrush and paint the pinecones! How you paint them is totally your decision, but we think Whimzeecal‘s ombre pinecones are pretty rad!

12. Tiny Pinecone Christmas Trees


A Christmas tree is the symbol of December and the season of gift-giving. Aside from getting a proper Christmas tree under which you will find your presents from Santa,   you can also make smaller, decorative variations of it. Gather some pinecones and find out the rest at Scissors and Spoons!

13. Pinecone Bird Ornaments 


Lia Griffith has another feathery idea for a pinecone ornament and it’s so adorable we couldn’t pass it up. December may be the time of hectic gift wrapping and loud family dinners, but it’s also a time of introspection and peace. These pinecone bird ornaments are a great testament to that!

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