DIY & Crafts: 13 Unique and Festive DIY Gift Tags to Spice Up Your Christmas Presents

The season of giving is almost here and most of us love giving gifts just as much as getting them! There is something so special about picking out just the right item for someone you love, wrapping it in a pretty gift paper and attaching a personalized gift tag. Seeing the expression on their face when they open it is absolutely priceless. Here are 13 DIY gift tags you can create and make part of the experience!

1. Christmas Ornament Gift Tags 


When you wrap up your Christmas presents, these gift tags shouldn’t be missing from the packages! They carry the motive of Christmas ornaments, emphasizing the festive time even more. You can find the tutorial for them at Please Note!

2. Paint-Chip Gift Tags 


You don’t have to go on a full shopping spree just to create a few simple gift tags. Sometimes the best materials are the ones you already have at home! Sift through some old boxes to see if you can find any paint-chips and check out how Samelia’s Mum turned them into gift tags!

3. Santa Gift Tags 


If Santa Claus could attach gift tags to his presents, he would definitely pick these! They carry his significant style, the red coat and black belt, in this case made from upcycled soda can tabs. Want them on your gifts? Crafty Morning will show you how to make them!

4. Toothpick Christmas Tree Gift Tags 


Don’t you love it when you get to create something so beautiful by using only a few materials? Holidays can absolutely carry the undertone of simplicity, not to mention that crafting is just so much fun! One Dog Woof shares the how-to for this toothpick Christmas tree gift tag.

5. Washi Tape Gift Tag 


If you have washi tape at hand, the world is your oyster! Instead of buying a whole box of gift tags that all look the same, you can use washi tape to create personalized gift tags that will be just as special as the gift itself. We love these colorful ones by The Thinking Closet!

6. Pocket Gift Tags 


If you don’t want your gift tag to be read by everyone, hide it in a little pocket that is going to keep the contents private until the person who is meant to get the gift pulls the tag out. This is a simple way to give your gift tag an extra element and you can get the instructions at Eat Drink Chic.

7. Ice Cream Gift Tags 


Most stores start putting up Christmas decorations at the beginning of November, so if by the time the holiday season actually comes along you’re already sick of seeing the repetitive Christmas motives, print out Mockeri‘s colorful ice cream gift tags and stand out from the crowd!

8. Festive Gift Tags 


The home decorations, the cookies and the centerpiece are all matching, resembling Christmas ornaments, a Christmas tree or a Christmas star. What’s missing? That’s right, the gift tags! Simply Kelly Designs will help you make sure they look the part too!

9. Felt Heart Gift Tags 


Show your loved ones how much they mean to you with gift tags that symbolize love and affection! A simple heart is ever a good idea and if you visit Love + Cupcakes, you’ll learn how to make gift tags that are decorated with a sweet felt heart.

10. Snowman Gift Tag 


The best thing about snow is that we get to make a snowman! It’s amazing how much personality a simple carrot and some buttons can give the frozen man. My Creative Life  made adorable paper snowmen and gave them a mission of spicing up this year’s presents!

11. Dip Dye Gift Tags 


Dip dyeing is one of the easiest ways to color your gift tags, especially if you are going for a soft and unique color that you can’t buy in any tube. They have an elegant, almost romantic look and the dedication you write on them will definitely stand out. Find out all about them at Paper & Stitch.

12. Paper Twine Gift Tags 


With all the gifts we receive in December it’s hard to remember every single wrapping paper or a gift tag – eventually, they all blend into one. But originality is something nobody can forget and if you want to surprise your loved ones with gift tags they’ll definitely want to copy the next year, Paper Crave has just the ones!

13. Glitter Dipped Gift Tags 


Looking for a quick but fabulous way to decorate your gift tags? Dip them into glitter! They will instantly get a dazzling look and when that present is placed under the Christmas tree it’s definitely going to stand out from all the rest! You can get the details at The Thinking Closet!

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