DIY & Crafts: Chasing the Sun: 11 Charming DIY Sunflowers

What is it about sunny days that makes us so happy? Maybe it’s the Vitamin D or the warmth we can feel on our skin, but whatever the true reason, there’s no denying that bright and warm days always bring happiness along with them. Who could blame sunflowers for always turning towards the sun? If you’ve always loved the manner of these charming flowers, check out a collection of 11 DIY sunflowers that embody the sun and never wilt!

1. Sunflower Burlap Wreath 


Wreaths are a wonderful way to decorate the front door and greet your guests with something uplifting. A burlap wreath representing a sunflower is a marvelous choice, not just for its uniqueness but also for its bright coloring! Grillo Designs shares the tutorial.

2. Coffee Filter Sunflower 


If you are fascinated by everything you can make from coffee filters, you’ll swoon over Aira Tran‘s gorgeous coffee filter sunflower. It looks so realistic and radiant, taking over the space with jolly energy. People might not even know it’s faux when they look at it from afar!

3. Tissue Paper Sunflower


Do you love creating with tissue paper? Add a bouquet of beautiful sunflowers to your tissue paper creation collection! They will make the most amazing centerpiece for your dining table and you’ll be able to enjoy in their sunshine energy for all meals of the day! You can find the tutorial at eHow.

4. Hanging Sunflower Pendants


If you’re thinking of redecorating your home, these hanging sunflower pendants from Always Order Dessert are such a wonderful idea for spicing up your living space! They are full of warm colors, always making sure sunshine is within your walls, even on the gray and rainy days!

5. Sunflower Pillow 


Throw pillows are a simple and effective way to bring variety into your living space. They can be aligned with your overall interior or perhaps be that one element that totally stands out – the choice is yours! This beautiful sunflower pillow by Simple Simon & Company will be a fantastic addition either way!

6. Sunflower Cookies 


If you are a baking enthusiast you know how important the decorating process is. The way your baked creations look like holds as much importance as their taste, because its the looks that draw people in. When you make these lovely sunflower cookies by Bake Love Give, everybody will be eager to try them!

7. Paper Sunflowers 


Those who love having flowers in their home know this can be an expensive taste – unless you figure out a more sustainable way. Faux flowers are the obvious choice and there’s nothing simpler and more affordable than creating flowers out of plain paper! Check out how Lia Griffith made these gorgeous paper sunflowers.

8. Sunflower Balls 


If you liked the sunflowers pendants we listed above, you’re going to go bananas for Sweet Teal‘s version of them! One sunflower already holds so much magical energy, imagine how powerful they can be when there are so many you couldn’t even count them! These sunflower balls will be your favorite decor piece, no doubt!

9. Sunflower Headband 


Headbands are the accessory that absolutely defines your hairstyle and can be worn out and about as a daily piece or to your favorite music festivals of the year. If you consider yourself a child of the sun, make a sunflower headband that will represent your cheerful personality! Follow the tutorial at The Chic Country Girl.

10. Sunflower Mirror


Sunburst mirrors are one of the hottest trends in home decor at the moment. They are the ultimate focal point of any room and are absolutely breathtaking! We love how Avanti Morocha played with this idea and turned it into a one-of-a-kind sunflower mirror!

11. Denim Sunflower Romper 


Are you in the process of refreshing your wardrobe? There’s no need to go on a shopping spree, you can simply upcycle some of the clothes you already own! Martina M will show you how a giant pair of denim pants can become a super cute denim sunflower romper!

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