DIY & Crafts: DIY Envelopes: A Charming Way to Send Customized Snail Mail

Snail mail is not dead yet and truth be told we silently hope it stays around until the end of all days. There is something so profound about getting a beautiful envelope in a mail and a handwritten letter, rather than just a text message or an email. Bring back the good old days of letter writing and send out your personal letters in the most charming DIY envelopes!

1. Blooming Envelope


Most people have a soft spot for beautiful blooming flowers. The next time your dearest friend celebrates another trip around the sun, surprise them with a handwritten birthday note that is sent to them in a handmade envelope resembling a blooming flower. Mark Montano will help you make it!

2. Old Book Envelopes


We all have a couple of really old books on our shelves that we know we’re never going to read. Instead of throwing them away, Paperiaarre can show you how to repurpose the pages and turn them into charming vintage envelopes. Whoever is lucky enough to get mail from you will surely be speechless!

3. Box Envelopes


If you’ve never liked the thin nature of regular envelopes you can definitely make them a bit bulkier with this tutorial by Paper & Landscapes that shows you how to make little box envelopes. The regular envelopes usually end in trash, but these are bound to get a special place at someone’s desk!

4. Origami Heart Envelope


Are you planning on sending a card to your chosen Valentine on the next Valentine’s Day? That’s so romantic, but don’t let the card be the only surprise – impress with the envelope too! The Big Blue Van shares the idea for an amazingly creative origami heart envelope!

5. Miniature Envelopes


Envelopes aren’t only meant for letters; you can use them up for gift cards too! We love the miniature envelopes we found at Andrea’s Notebook. They are perfect for safely storing the gift cards that you’ll be giving to your friends as a party favor at your next holiday gathering!

6. Floral Envelopes


Some envelopes look completely ordinary on the outside but as soon as you open them there’s a surprise waiting for you! The idea is really innovative and one that brings a smile to the opener’s face! Check out how Snippet & Ink made these gorgeous floral envelopes!

7. Doily Envelopes


Give your envelopes a cute and elegant look by decorating them with a doily pattern and a sea of tiny polka dots! The color of the envelopes is up to you but Next to Nicx can tell you first hand that pastel colors give them an extra boost of charm!

8. Scrapbook Paper Envelopes


Do you have any leftover scrapbook paper? Set out on an envelope making spree! You’ll finally get to use up all that paper and you’ll get a whole collection of diverse envelopes for free! Gathering Beauty shares the step-by-step for adorable scrapbook paper pocket envelopes.

9. Mixed Paper Envelopes


If you love to craft with paper you undoubtedly have a big pile of various paper at home. Paperiaarre gives you a chance to use it up all at once! Mix the different types of paper together to get super interesting combinations that will turn out to be the most unique envelopes!

10. Paper Bag Envelopes


Crafting with paper bags is always an adventure! It’s quick, simple and you can get the kids involved as well! They will be so eager to send the invitations for their next birthday party in the paper bag envelopes that they have made themselves. One Bunting Away has all the details!

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