DIY & Crafts: Lacy Elegance: 12 Sweet and Charming Doily Crafts

Sometimes the simple addition of an elegant doily into your home makes all the difference. The reason why the timeless doily is still so popular is because of its unwavering ability to beautify any item it’s decorated with. If you deem it necessary for your life to get some more elegance, start with these 12 sweet and charming doily crafts!

1. Doily Jewelry 


The jewelry you wear will significantly impact your style. Send a message that you’re all about being classy but you still know how to have fun by making Glamour & Grace‘s colorful doily jewelry pieces! The more you make, the more you’ll be able to show off!

2. Doily Dreamcatchers 


Dreamcatchers are very popular and as such, the classic design can quickly become a little too predictable. Give your dreamcatcher a unique and charming look by placing a doily right in the middle of it so that it defines the whole piece, as seen at Loves the Find.

3. Doily Bowl 


We can never have too many bowls, right? They come ever so in handy, both in the kitchen and around the house! You can display fresh fruit, candy, jewelry etc. Does your collection of bowls need a little upgrade? Add some chic doily bowls by BLDG 25 to the mix!

4. Doily Mason Jar Luminary 


The lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room. Luminaries are a very simple lighting option with a big romantic component. Dress up a couple of mason jars in beautiful doilies and follow Crafting by Amanda‘s steps to creating the most enchanting DIY luminaries!

5. Doily Lampshade 


In need of a new lampshade? If you are already dreading spending too much money on a fancy store-bought lampshade that is going to go out of style in a month anyways, let us show you a timeless and delightful doily lampshade we found at Chicken Scratch NY!

6. Doily String Lights 


String lights are such an amazing addition to your home. They have the power to give your interior an intimate ambiance, turning your home into a real-life fairytale! Don’t want to settle for classic string lights because you want something a little more edgy? You’re going to love Kendall Jackson‘s take on doily string lights!

7. Paper Doily Decoupage Bottles 


Paper doilies can be just as charming as lacy ones and they give you plenty more decorations options. For example, you can put them on old bottles with a simple decoupage technique and then repurpose the bottles as unique vases for your living room. Find out all about it at Craftiments!

8. Doily Necklace 


Elizabeth Anne will show you how a big doily can be made into a captivating and unforgettable necklace that is perfect for fashionistas who want to appear bold and elegant at the same time! The lace gives you the elegance, the size gives you the boldness; it’s all about that balance!

9. Doily Canvas Art 


Nothing can compare to art pieces that you make yourself! They carry your own personality and signature, holding the title of the most special art pieces in you home. Maybe you don’t consider yourself a grand artist but with Alison Kreft‘s help, you can create a stunning doily canvas art!

10. Doily Backdrop 


The next time you’re trying to pick out a good backdrop for your photographs, doily should pop into your mind! Whether you’re creating a backdrop for a house party or you want to play around with studio photography, this doily backdrop by Ruffled will contribute some serious charm to your exceptional photographs!

11. Doily Banner 


Banners have totally fought their way out of parties and become a constant decor element in many homes. If your house is an epitome of minimalism, you likely won’t want to hang a giant banner on your wall and ruin the simplistic interior, but Melody Fulone‘s doily banner is a piece that’s going to fit in marvelously!

12. Paper Doily Wreath 


Wreaths are taking over our front doors again and we can’t let you be the only one missing out on this trend! The true beauty of having a wreath is to keep it seasonal, charming and handmade! A Diamond in the Stuff has a tutorial for a gorgeous paper doily wreath that will get many compliments!

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