DIY & Crafts: Simple and Colorful: 13 Super Quick Washi Tape Crafts 

Washi tape is one of our ultimate favorite crafting materials. It comes in so many different patterns and colors you can never run out of options! If you ever need to quickly decorate something, washi tape is like the friend that you can always count on. The internet has hundreds of ideas and we rummaged through them to bring you the hottest and most popular washi tape crafts!

1. Washi Tape Laptop 


Is your laptop due for a makeover? Instead of spending tons of money on expensive laptop stickers and covers, go shopping for some washi tape! Find the color and pattern that you like, then visit Willow Tree Projects for a tutorial!

2. Washi Tape Easter Eggs


Decorating Easter eggs can be a super time-consuming and messy project, especially if you have a house full of toddlers! Visit Lovely Indeed to learn how you can decorate Easter eggs in a unique way that won’t result in paint all over your home!

3. Washi Tape Bookmarks 


The biggest bookworms are always reading several books at once and along with this hobby comes the need for many bookmarks. Get creative with Domestically Creative and make as many washi tape bookmarks as you need! Don’t forget to make some for your fellow bookworm friends too!

4. Washi Tape Ceiling Fan 


Have you ever looked up at your ceiling fan and found it so incredibly boring? It doesn’t really do much for your interior, but you can quickly change that with a few rolls of colorful washi tape and the tutorial by In My Own Style. The next time you turn it on, your ceiling fan will do a mesmerizing dance of colors!

5. Washi Tape School Essentials 


Going back to school after enjoying a vacation is always a struggle, but having colorful and uplifting school essentials makes the process much easier. Take a peek at how A Bubbly Life used washi tape and geometric shapes to give the plain clipboards a modern look!

6. Washi Tape Calendar


Staying organized is absolutely crucial if you don’t want to crumble under your errands, responsibilities and important dates you have to remember. Having a big family calendar always on display will definitely help you stay on top of things. Head over to the crafting store, get washi tape and check in with Tatertots & Jello for the details!

7. Washi Tape Notebooks 


Do you know why plain and boring notebooks are so freaking amazing? Because they are always super cheap! You can buy an unlimited number of them, bring them home and give them a makeover that suits your style. Washi tape and Lia Griffith will help you out!

8. Washi Tape Phone Cover


There are so many phone cases on the market it’s hard to find one that would feel like the perfect choice. Maybe you’ve found one that is super beautiful but then it’s definitely expensive – or it’s affordable but the colors are totally washed out. Chronicle Books Blog shares a tutorial for a washi tape phone cover you’ll go bananas for!

9. Washi Tape Corner Bookmarks 


Here’s another take on a washi tape bookmark, this one perfect for the readers who are into modern decorations. It’s about time you say goodbye to dog-eared pages in your favorite books and follow Zakka Life‘s how-to for this washi tape corner bookmark!

10. Washi Tape Furniture 


Decorating your home can become such an addiction! There is always something to tweak and to add, but often times your budget doesn’t agree with it. Brit + Co shares a brilliant idea of upgrading your furniture with just some washi tape that you likely already have at home!

11. Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets 


Mama Miss shares one of those crafts that you absolutely have to make in the company of your best friends! Making accessories is a great bonding experience, so these wooden bracelets decorated with washi tape are definitely something you want to share with your community!

12. Washi Tape Wall Art 


You’ve been daydreaming of hanging a stunning and colorful art piece onto your wall, but you haven’t found one that would match your vision yet. Stop dreaming, start making! Find the inspiration with Living Locurto‘s washi tape monogram wall art!

13. Washi Tape Rubik’s Cube Necklace 


Did you play with a Rubik’s cube as a child? Solving one is quite the challenge but thankfully you don’t need to know how to do that in order to wear it as a necklace! You can create it with some unique washi tape and the tutorial by Onelmon!

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