DIY & Crafts: 12 DIY Pencils That Inspire the Joy of Writing

Office supplies can be so dull, can’t they? The generic orange pencil is especially one that is quick to awaken boredom if you are forced to look at it every single day. The wish to actually do any writing with it seems nonexistent. Your workspace must radiate cheerfulness and your own personal style. You can have the most beautifully decorated office but if your pencils look dull your work environment won’t be as jolly as can be! Allow us to present these 12 DIY pencils and please let us know which ones do you like best!

1. Painted Pencils 


If you’ve always wanted a colorful collection of pencils, you can finally make it yourself, by the grace of Hello Glow! You can choose a harmonious color palette, such as a gentle pastel one, or go for colors that vividly contrast each other. Either way, the pencils will have the most outstanding look!

2. Confetti Pencils 


What could possibly have a more festive look than confetti! Turn your office into a little party area with confetti themed stationery, starting with these pencils we found at Make and Tell! They have such a happy character, every time you pick them up you’ll be force to smile!

3. Harry Potter Wand Pencil 


If you are a big Harry Potter fan you know how important a wand is for a wizard! You’ve surely been dreaming of getting your own, but since Mr. Ollivander isn’t available at the moment, you’ll have to trust Kim Orlandini to show you how to make a wand that is disguised as a pencil.

4. Pinwheel Pencils 


Over-the-top decorations can easily come across as too much, but luckily this is not the case with these pinwheel pencils that will make writing so much more fun! Whenever it gets boring, you only need to blow into the pinwheels and watch them spin! All the credit goes to Momdot!

5. Twig Pencils 


Do you swear by natural materials and want your office supplies to be as organic as possible? You’ll love this natural twig pencil by Made with Happy! It’s truly the best way to bring nature into your work environment and always stay in touch with organic materials.

6. Felt Pencil Toppers 


Kids Activities Blog has a tutorial for felt pencil toppers that turn regular, plain pencils into cheerful and colorful characters full of personality! If you want to motivate your kids to start writing, these pencil toppers seem like a good place to start!

7. Worded Pencils 


Maybe you like simplicity and minimalism, in which case you’ll probably want to keep your pencils as plain as possible, with the exception of some personalized text. Kate’s Creative Space will show you how to make sleek and personalized worded pencils!

8. Snowman Pencils 


Some of us are absolutely obsessed with seasonal decorations, so when winter comes we want to be prepared with many pieces we’ll be admiring and using in the cold months! We’ll rely on Martha Stewart‘s snowman pencils when writing our Christmas cards, for sure!

9. Washi Tape Pencils 


If you have a giant stack of pencils at home and are looking for a really quick and easy way to upgrade them into something more pleasant to look at, Julep shares the incredibly simple hack of using washi tape to decorate your pencils! Just when we thought we couldn’t love washi tape any more!

10. Bendy Pencils 


Remember what a hit bendy pencils used to be? Now it seems we can barely still see them in stores but if you’re a frequent visitor of our lovely website, you know that you can DIY just about anything your heart desires – including bendy pencils! Wondering how? Karina Garcia has the answer!

11. Glitter Pencils 


When you start feeling like your character isn’t reflected in your office supplies it’s time to make a change! Sparkly glitter pencils are perfect for those who want to bring a little glamour onto their desks! Show off your shiny diva personality in your choice of pencils, following the tutorial at BAS!

12. Color Changing Pencils 


Bring a little magic into your every day life with these extraordinary color changing pencils! They almost sound too good to be true, but Emma Topp has perfected the art of making them. You’ll soon be able to enjoy in their chameleon abilities!

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