DIY & Crafts: 12 Galactic DIY Projects That Will Blow Your Mind  

The colors and the patterns found in the universe are almost unbelievable. Every time we look at pictures of galaxies, nebulas and distant planets we are left absolutely speechless. Thinking of something so majestic that our own planet is a part of feels so humbling. Take a look at these captivating 12 galactic DIY projects and bring celestial magic into your crafting time!


1. Galaxy Slime 


Slimes have absolutely captured the attention of youngsters. Playing with a beautiful gooey consistency seems to have calming effects and is also a great distraction, so it’s not a surprise that slimes are super popular right now! Momdot made a slime that resembles a galaxy and we can’t believe it’s real!

2. Galaxy Phone Case


If you want to have the most jaw-dropping phone case in the world, The Sparkly Cupcake is the right address! A phone case that has the most mesmerizing colors representing a nebula is one you’ll never be able to part from! The best part is that you can create it with the help of your favorite nail polish!

3. Galaxy Ornaments 


Looking for a way to make this year’s Christmas tree the most unique and innovative one yet? Look no further than Mixbook‘s galaxy ornaments! They are a captivating piece to show off on your Christmas tree and will without a doubt steal all of the attention!

4. Galaxy Jewelry 


Accessories are often the most noticeable pieces of our appearance. We use them to add some luxury to our outfit and to present ourselves as people who have given some thought into their appearance. So Craftastic impressed us with beautiful galaxy jewelry that will raise the standards for everyone who crosses your path!

5. Galaxy in a Jar 


Galaxies are something we can only see captured in a picture or imagined in our daydreams. They are captivating, but far away. If only we could capture one of them in a jar! Hello Maphie actually managed to do just that and it’s the closest any of us will ever get to holding a true galaxy in our hands!

6. Galaxy Pillow 


When you say goodnight and turn off all the lights, make sure you lay down on a pillow that has a galactic design! It will be the most special and eye-catching element in your bedroom, giving it a celestial theme. Tanamontana100 shares a DIY version!

7. Geometric Galaxy Necklace 


If you love the galaxy jewelry we featured above you’ll also love these geometric necklaces by Oh The Lovely Things! They combine contemporary geometric shapes with a timeless look of a charming blue galaxy! With these necklaces you’ll be the most noticeable person in any room!

8. Galaxy Shoes 


Make the galactic theme a strong part of your style by making unique galaxy shoes! They are definitely not something you can see every day, which is exactly why you’ll be considered the ultimate trend-setter by bringing them out into the street! Let Baby First Blog contribute to your street fashion!

9. Galaxy Nails 


A manicure is very important part of any woman’s style and while there are many unique and out-of-the-box nail tutorials out there, we can all agree that galaxy nails take the crown! Nails by Kizzy shares the tutorial for galaxy nails that will turn you into a true cosmic princess!

10. Galaxy Desk Lamp 


Turn your workspace into your private little universe with a galaxy lamp that will be the most outstanding piece on the desk, its colorfulness affecting the mood of the whole space and inspiring you every single day. A Trendy Blog for Moms has the details!

11. Galaxy Bath Bomb 


Bath bombs are that special self-care product that really says treat yourself! They remind us to relax and enjoy in a hot tub filled with warm, colorful water. If you want to bathe in a water resembling a galaxy, The Makeup Dummy has a bath bomb tutorial for you!

12. Galaxy Scarf 


Never underestimate the power of a simple scarf and the impact it can have on your style. They have always been a popular accessory and with a good reason! They keep your neck warm and add a special element to your outfit. Create a galaxy scarf with a little help from The Blog and wear it like a true galactic diva!

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