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DIY & Crafts: 12 Kid-Friendly DIY Games You Can Play in Your Backyard 

Summer is the season when we spend the majority of our time outside, either enjoying warm days in a nearby park or playing with the kids in our backyard! If you are looking for more ways to have fun with your little ones, backyard games are a fantastic idea! Here are 12 DIY backyard games that will challenge your kids and make for the most unforgettable summer!

1. Ladybug Tic Tac Toe 


Who doesn’t love the good old game of tic tac toe? It’s one of the simplest games you can play and even toddlers pick up on the rules really quickly! Making it together with your kids will be such a fun experience, but watching them play will be even more joyful! Find out how it’s made at Chicken Scratch NY!

2. Ring Toss Game 


A little healthy competition among the siblings or neighborhood friends is always good and nothing stirs a bit of competitiveness like a game of ring toss! Have your kids practice their tossing and aiming abilities, all while competing for a big chocolate you’ll undoubtedly promise the winner! Instructions for the game are over at Mom Endeavors!

3. Giant Jenga 


Playing Jenga really tests the calmness of our hands and the ability to predict imbalance! It’s one of the most compelling games because you never know when the wooden tower will fall down! Visit Lemon Thistle to learn all about this giant Jenga!

4. Backyard Dominoes 


Lemon Thistle happens to have another incredible idea for a backyard game and that is the game of dominoes! Turn your lawn into a big domino board and start your first official family domino tournament – it may just become a new family tradition!

5. Four In A Row 


Four in a row is a game where strategy is everything! If you want to maximize its impact and put on an interesting show for the observes (rather than just the players) visit The Home Depot Blog to get the tutorial for a big wooden four in a row, fitting for any backyard!

6. Rainbow Hopscotch


Hopscotch is that childhood game we all look back upon with enormous affection and nostalgia! Your own children will cherish the memories of playing on a handmade rainbow hopscotch once they’re adults, thanks to your crafting itch and the tutorial by Happiness is Homemade that scratched it!

7. Cornhole Game 


This is a wonderful game to play when your children invite over all of their friends! Split the kids into two groups and they can compete in the game of cornhole! Not only will this entertain them, it will also keep them focused and away from your flower garden! HGTV shares the instructions for this brilliant backyard game!

8. Bowling Lane


Bowling can totally be done outdoors where you can actually wear normal shoes! This little wooden bowling lane comes from Handmade with Ashley and despite it being an outdoor game it doesn’t take much space at all, making it convenient to transport anywhere your kids want!

9. Mini Putt Course 


Nothing says quality family time than spending some time on the putt course, practicing your golf moves for the big golf course you will one day visit together! If you want to have a little putt course right in your own backyard, That’s My Letter will help you set it up!

10. Oversized Checkers 


Playing checkers is so much fun but usually the boards are very small and the pieces even smaller, making them very inconvenient (sometimes even dangerous) for little kids. Thanks to A Home To Grow Old In, you can make your own checkers board with big pieces and enjoy the fun game outside in the fresh air!

11. Giant Matching Game 


Kids love to learn, as long as learning is a game! Help them exercise their memory with a classic matching game but allow Studio DIY to show you a little twist! It’s a super-sized version of a matching game, one where the cards take over your whole lawn! Anything to make it more fun for the kiddos, right?

12. Backyard Dice 


There are many different dice games you can play with your children and all of them are much more fun when played with big dices that can be thrown all over the backyard!  Sometimes Homemade has the instructions for the most unique backyard game of dice!

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