DIY & Crafts: Back to School with DIY School Supplies! 

For those who are still in school, summer holidays will slowly start coming to an end. Before long you’ll be gathering your school supplies and preparing for the new academic year. We really hope that you were able to relax this summer and get some rest before the packed daily schedule and unannounced exams start again! Having a personal style is a big part of being young and we know that school supplies play a role in that too. You’re going to love these unique DIY school supplies that will impress all of your classmates!

1. Washi Tape Pencils 


If you’re over boring pencils with a plain and unattractive look, you’ll be happy to hear that you can make chic and modern pencils in a matter of minutes with Stephanie White‘s little washi tape trick that will forever change the way you go about your pencils!

2. School Planner 


Every good student knows how important it is to always be organized and stay on top of your exam dates or assignment deadlines. You’ll need a really good school planner for that and if you don’t want to spend too much money on it (because textbooks have already cost you a fortune!), Nikki G will show you how to make it yourself!

3. Seat Sack 


A seat sack is a brilliant invention that keeps all of the books and notebooks safely stored while you are paying attention to the lesson. You wouldn’t want all of your supplies to roll on the floor, so Scissors & Spatulas has a simple tutorial for a DIY seat sack!

4. School Notebook 


Notebooks are such an important part of the school experience. We’re writing into them every single day and when exam period comes around we do our best to soak all the knowledge from them! Visit Nim C to see the cutest DIY notebooks!

5. Notebook Lunchbag 


A hungry student is not a good student! Make sure to always pack your lunch as you set out to chase knowledge. The best way to keep your lunch safely packed is with a stylish lunchbag! Design Sponge has a tutorial for one that fits the theme of school supplies by resembling a notebook!

6. Homework Station Turntable 


Nobody is particularly excited about homework, but it has to be done! The internet has many tips and tricks on how to make the homework experience easier for you and our favorite comes from Mom Timeout in a form of a DIY homework station turntable!

7. Denim School Bag 


You can’t go to school without a school bag, can you? Show up back to school with a unique handmade bag that will leave everyone speechless! The Sorry Girl has a tutorial for a beautiful denim school bag that knows no competition!

8. Fluffy Pencil Case 


What could possibly be cuter than a fluffy pencil case! It’s like a little plushy animal that you get to take to school with you and keep it on your desk throughout the lessons! Cute Life Hacks shares the instructions for a plushy pencil case with much personality!

9. Earphone Holders 


If you’re driving to school and back every day with public transportation you surely value your earphones above anything else. When you’re at school and you need to store them somewhere safe, these DIY earphone holders we found at Make It & Love It will come in handy!

10. Tassel Bookmarks 


Studying for exams can take some very long weeks and during that time you want to stay organized and on top of your academic material. Do not underestimate the value of bookmarks in this process! Make these beautiful tassel bookmarks by Homeyohmy and always pick up the studying right where you left off!

11. Gold Leaf Clipboards 


Clipboards are very useful and you can use them in a variety of different subjects, especially if you are doing some field work! Jot down the important things and don’t worry about losing the paper with these stunning DIY gold leaf clipboards by Lovely Indeed!

12. Lap Desk 


Exam periods are stressful and sometimes you just won’t have the strength to sit behind your desk anymore and you’ll want to do all of your studying from your bed or the couch. When every day counts, some studying is better than no studying; check in with eHow to learn how this useful lap desk is made!

13. Binder Clip 


Binder clips are a big part of staying organized and keeping all of your papers in order.  Throughout the school year you’ll be getting a lot of handouts and you’ll really appreciate beautiful binder clips (such as the one from Bsaz Creates) when it’s time to organize all the study material!

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