DIY & Crafts: Delicate and Diverse: 15 Charming Coffee Filter Crafts

If you think coffee filters are only useful for making coffee and nothing else, think again! There is a variety of things you can create out of them, from home decor to artistic projects for your kids. Coffee filters are an affordable material and therefore perfect for DIY enthusiasts that want to stay on a budget and still create beautiful things. Check out these 15 charming coffee filter crafts for inspiration!

1. Coffee Filter Peonies 


One of the many things coffee filters a great for are DIY flowers. There are countless different flowers you can make and the peonies at Pretty Petals have stolen our heart! They have a very realistic look and may just fool those who don’t look too close!

2. Coffee Filter Piñata


If you have a party coming up don’t forget to make a piñata! It’s the highlight of every party, especially if kids are involved as they can’t resist the falling candy! Avanti Morocha shares a really simple way to make a beautiful floral piñata using coffee filters! 

3. Coffee Filter Wreath 


A wreath is a beautiful decor piece that adds something unique to any room you display it in, as well as your doorway! Check in with DIY Beautify to find a tutorial for a lovely coffee filter wreath that radiates elegance with its white color and ruffled look!

4. Coffee Filter Photo Backdrop 


A backdrop has the power to make or break the photo! It has to make you the center of attention, but still be visible enough to have an impact. You can easily make a stunning and unforgettable photo backdrop using coffee filter and dip dye technique, following the tutorial at Style Me Pretty!

5. Coffee Filter Rose 


Roses are beautiful flowers indeed but they can be very predictable. When you decide to DIY a rose, it pays off to think of a way to make it unique and unexpected. For example, a coffee filter rose with a coffee stained look! The Ever-Budding Bear shares the how-to!

6. Coffee Filter Tree


When the season to be jolly comes again, you’ll want to have this project ready on your Christmas Pinterest board! DIY Beautify will show you how to make a beautiful tree using coffee filters. It has the potential to become your most stunning Christmas decoration!

7. Coffee Filter Flower Backdrop 


Make use of coffee filters to create an eye-catching backdrop that will define every single photograph! Lia Griffith holds the secrets to making these big flowers and we can assure you that once you’re finished making them you’ll never look at coffee filters the same again!

8. Coffee Filter Sun Catcher 


Coffee filters can be a great material for your kids to create with! They can express their creativity as they are making these sun catchers with seaside motives from A little Pinch of Perfect! They are a much better alternative than just plain paper!

9. Coffee Filter Butterfly 


Another great project to tackle together with your little ones is this beautiful butterfly  by Fireflies + Mud Pies! Arm your children with coffee filters, colors and clothespins and help them make a collection of charming colorful butterflies!

10. Coffee Filter Monster 


Monsters are always a topic of conversation with children. Sometimes they are afraid of them, sometimes intrigued by them. Give your toddlers a chance to befriend the monsters by creating them together with you, using some coffee filters and Raising Little Superheroes‘ guidance!

11. Coffee Filter Bouquet 


A bouquet of fresh flowers is always a pleasant sight, but real flowers have the tendency to wilt very soon. Change a bouquet of real flowers for the flowers made from coffee filters and enjoy the sight of beautiful florals for much longer! Get the instructions at Up to Date Interior.

12. Coffee Filter Garland 


Decorate your home for a party or celebration with a unique coffee filter garland! It’s a quick way to whip up a noticeable and charming decor piece even if you don’t have much time or materials at home. 31 Bits shares the whole process!

13. Coffee Filter Pom Pom 


Pom poms are a playful choice of decor and no matter how small they are they usually steal the show. Imagine the power they could have when super sized! Muslin & Merlot shares the tutorial for a big coffee filter pom pom that can easily become a centerpiece in any room!

14. Coffee Filter Poppies 


We wanted to share another coffee filter flower because they look so realistic they almost fooled us into thinking they are real! If you love poppies and want to keep them around longer than you could if they were real, Reality Daydream has a tutorial for stunning coffee filter poppies!

15. Coffee Filter Angel Wings 


Coffee filters have a beautiful white color that can be their greatest attribute when making DIY angel wings. Thoughts from Alice shares the secret behind these beautiful coffee filter angel wings that can pride themselves on their angelic white color!

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