DIY & Crafts: DIY Piggy Banks: 15 Fun Ways to Save Your Money!

Putting some money aside for emergencies and big future plans is a smart idea. You have to be patient and consistent in order to achieve your savings goal, but it totally pays off! To assure you won’t spend the money you’ve saved up before you reach the goal, it’s best to keep it in a secure piggy bank that will motivate and excite you every time you look at it! You can find some great ideas among these chic DIY piggy banks! 

1. White Mason Jar Piggy Bank 


Mason jars are easily accessible and just the right size to hold a respectable amount of savings! Paint them to your favorite color, one that matches your interior and label them according to their purpose. We love the minimalist white piggy banks by Say Yes!

2. Shadow Box Bank 


If you always want to be aware of how much you’ve already saved up, a shadow box is the option of you! It can be your little window into the future, a glimpse into your dreams coming true very soon! Stay patient, stay dedicated and don’t forget to thank A Mom’s Take for this idea!

3. Sparkling Mason Jar Piggy Bank 


Time with Thea offers another perspective on a mason jar piggy bank, this one sparkling with glitter, already embodying the lush life your savings will buy you! It’s also a beautiful piece to be featured in your home, given it’s modern metallic look.

4. Starbucks Piggy Bank 


Starbucks lovers, Karina Garcia has a piggy bank for you! You may be spending a lot of money on your coffee, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also be mindful about finances. Make sure to skip coffee every now and again to save the money inside of your fancy Starbucks piggy bank!

5. Cardboard Shadow Box Bank 


If you love the idea of a shadow box but don’t want to commit yourself to an expensive and time-consuming DIY project, Vikalpah can teach you how to make a proper shadow box from cardboard! It’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s loads of fun!

6. Superhero Piggy Bank 


It’s hard to teach children how to save money when they’re so eager to spend it all on sweets! Maybe it they knew their favorite superheroes are saving money too, the task would be a bit easier on them? We found some epic piggy banks at Fireflies + Mud Pies that might help with that!

7. Airplane Piggy Bank 


If you’re saving money for traveling the world, you’ll want to make a piggy bank that represents that dream. An airplane seems like a fitting choice, as it’s the vehicle that will take you all around the world, once the piggy bank is filled to the brim! Find the tutorial at Bright Nest.

8. Tin Can Piggy Bank 


If you have a simple tin can at hand, you can quickly create a beautiful piggy bank that  will make a lovely personal gift for someone you love or simply be there to motivate you to dream big and work hard! Find out more about this choice of a piggy bank at Lil’ Luna!

9. Pencil Piggy Bank 


You know we can’t resist an edgy and unique DIY project. The more it’s out-of-the-box, the more we love it! Damask Love made a giant piggy bank in the shape of a pencil! It’s the perfect piggy bank if you’re saving up for education as it has a lot of space and will always be in your sight.

10. Felt Piggy Bank 


A piggy bank doesn’t have to have a large volume. The most important thing is that it serves your needs, so if you are fine with a smaller piggy bank because you are conquering smaller projects, Dream a Little Bigger has a felt piggy bank that you would definitely find useful.

11. Hamm Piggy Bank 


What’s a piggy bank roundup without an actual pig to keep your money safe? You can make it in the image of a beloved pig Hamm, following the tutorial at Disney Family. You’ll soon be able to brag with a classic, traditional piggy bank!

12. Sorted Piggy Bank 


Sometimes you want to save up for more things than just one. This doesn’t mean you have to give up a piggy bank altogether, it only means you need to build it differently. Take Homemade Ginger‘s as an example of a beautiful and functional sorted piggy bank!

13. Car Piggy Bank 


Saving up for a car? Let it be known! Pick out a big jar to serve as your bank, then visit Johanna Rundel to see how you can turn the lid of the jar into a beautiful car carrying platform! The copper paint gives the whole piggy bank a charming, timeless look!

14. Minion Piggy Banks 


Honor the adorable minions by making a piggy bank that looks just like them! Saving up the money needed to achieve your dreams can be stressful, but if you add a little bit of humor to it, it doesn’t have to be! Check in with Ka Styles to see how these cheeky minion piggy banks were made!

15. Retro Piggy Bank 


This roundup features many modern piggy banks, but don’t think we’ve forgotten our devoted retro enthusiasts! Paper & Stitch has the tutorial for most unique piggy banks with a significant retro look that will add a valuable piece to your interior.

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