DIY & Crafts: Equestrian Charm: Innovative DIY Projects for People who Love Horses

Horses are beautiful and magnificent animals. They develop a strong bond with their handlers and have a very long lifespan, which means they get to spend many years with their chosen human. Those who are inspired by horses will surely want some equestrian decor pieces and accessories in their daily life, so we’ve compiled a list of innovative DIY projects for people who love horses! 

1. Oversized Tiled Horse Art 


If you’re going to do a horse wall art, you may as well do it in style! Create a magnificent oversized tiled horse art that takes over the entire wall and sends a strong message of how much horses mean to you! Take a look at how Horses & Heels made it.

2. Golden Horse Clutch Purse 


A clutch purse is one of the most useful accessories you will ever have because they are so simple to carry around when you only need your most important necessities!  Trinkets in Bloom will show you how to make a trendy clutch purse decorated with a golden horse!

3. Horse Bookends 


Imagine a horse bookend on an old rustic bookshelf – what a gorgeous sight that must be! You can totally create it within your own home with these DIY horse bookends that can pride themselves on their western cowboy charm! If you can’t wait to get started on them, Twelve O Eight has the instructions!

4. Pony Print Dress 


Fashion has always been a way for people to express themselves and proudly showcase what means the most to them; be it colors, freedom or even horses! A Beautiful Mess will show you how to make the loveliest monochrome pony print dress!

5. Wooden Rocking Horse 


Remember the little rocking horses we had as kids? It would be such an amazing experience to create one for our own children! In a world where iPads are given to children before they can even speak, unique toys from natural materials are becoming a rarity! This wooden horse by Do It Yourself Divas is a true work of art!

6. Horse String Art 


If you’re not familiar with string art yet, you have to give it a chance! It’s one of the simplest ways to create outstanding decor pieces for your home. You can pick any motive your heart desires, but an elegant horse gets our vote! Get the details at 3 Little Greenwoods!

7. Decorative Horse Jars 


Decorative jars are such a simple and quick craft to make, they are the perfect project to conquer when you’re in an organizing mood! Allow your love of horses to shine through your organizing style and make these decorative horse jars by Horses & Heels!

8. Pony Necklaces 


These pony necklaces are the perfect accessories to make together with your children. If they genuinely love horses, they won’t want to separate themselves from these necklaces! Who could blame them; Polkadot Chair‘s pony necklaces are sweet, girly and adorable!

9. Spray Painted Horse Shirt 


Horses are often the symbol of freedom and wilderness. Our free-spirited readers will appreciate this T-shirt by Hey Wanderer Blog because the motive of a running horse is an absolutely irresistible one! Note how the spray painted style gives it an edgy and trendy look!

10. Felt Stick Horses 


Lia Griffith has a great project for children who adore horses! Felt stick horses are a wonderful toy that will keep the kids entreated for hours and really encourage their imagination as they create scenarios for the game! They’ll also come in handy at every birthday party when you have a pack of kiddos running around in the backyard!

11. Horse Christmas Ornament 


Decorating a Christmas tree no longer has to consist of just Christmas lights and basic ornaments. You can get super creative and make sure that your Christmas tree looks unique and special! Put something on it that reflects your personality, like a beautiful silver horse, as seen at Xoxo, Grandma!

12. Horseshoe Dreamcatcher 


One of the greatest things about dreamcatchers is that you can customize them however you want and really give them your personal touch! Capture your great love of horses and dreaming with this lucky horseshoe dreamcatcher by North 40!

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