DIY & Crafts: Living Green with DIY Produce Bags 

Plastic bags are not good for our environment and yet we can’t seem to avoid them. Whenever we go grocery shopping, we pack everything in plastic bags and bring it home. Your weekly shopping routine can be the first step towards a greener lifestyle! In order to do that you will need to arm yourself with some DIY produce bags to accompany you on your shopping sprees. You can find plenty of ideas for them in our roundup down below!

1. See-Through Produce Bags 


Are you one of those people who like to see their produce clearly, because you buy so much of it you want to know what’s already in the bag? We hear you! Lia Griffith has a fantastic tutorial for see-through produce bags that are set to become your favorite shopping companion as you stock up on fruits and veggies!

2. Striped Produce Bags 


The elegant and minimalist design of these striped produce bags gives grocery shopping a special note. There is also no rustling of plastic as you’re loading the bags with vegetables and we promise you all of this makes for a much more pleasant shopping experience. Check out Design Sponge to learn how to make the bags!

3. Drawstring Produce Bags 


Drawstring produce bags are very practical. You never have to worry that something will fall out and you’ll lose a precious fruit as it rolls away from you on the ground. Attainable Sustainable has the instructions for a drawstring produce bag with enough volume for a proper produce shopping spree!

4. T-Shirt Produce Bags 


We’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to go fabric shopping if you want to make a produce bag – all you need is an old T-shirt and Delia Creates‘ wisdom! Upcycling is a big part of a green lifestyle so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone!

5. Crochet Produce Bags 


When your crochet hook is your best friend it’s almost impossible to run out of ideas to use it! Surely you’re already stocked up with yarn and you won’t have much trouble making a beautiful crochet produce bag! You can thank Oh The Cuteness for this revolutionary idea!

6. Simplistic Produce Bags 


DIY projects are an outlet for our creativity, but that doesn’t mean you always have to obsess over decorating and following the latest trends. Sometimes it’s okay to create something basic and simplistic, such as these plain white produce bags by Wellness Mama!

7. Net Produce Bags 


If you are going for a unique produce bag, Say Yes has a tutorial for a net bag with a very chic and modern look! This produce bag won’t only safely store your veggies, it will also be a creative accessory to go along with your farmer’s market style!

8. Absorbent Produce Bags 


Produce can sometimes be moist or wet and since nobody likes their produce bags to drip and mess up your car, investing into absorbent produce bags is a very good idea. Wellnesting brings you a tutorial for DIY produce bags with good absorbency and you’ll only have to invest your time!

9. Mesh Tulle Produce Bags 


Make your produce bags colorful and noticeable, following the lead of Leader Sews! They have a very unique and unexpected look, thanks to their vibrant colors and tulle material. If you manage to get your hands on fabric that features fruits and veggies, you’ll be the absolute winner!

10. Drawstring Mesh Produce Bags 


Don’t throw away the mesh bags! Instead, upcycle them to something more useful and permanent! The Vintage Home Sewist will show you how a simple mesh bag can become a reusable produce bag and so your constant companion to the grocery store!

11. Curtain Produce Bags 


Here’s another green idea for making a produce bag and this time you’ll have the chance to upcycle some curtains! If you’ve decided your old curtains don’t serve their purpose anymore, give them another chance – Creating My Way To Success will show you how!

12. Stenciled Produce Bags 


Cheeky homemakers who like to put humor first and are known for their wit everywhere they go won’t be able to resist Twinspiration‘s stenciled produce bags with unique messages that are sure to make people laugh! We can’t think of a better way to brighten up a stranger’s day!

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