DIY & Crafts: Pink and Popular: 13 Epic DIY Flamingo Crafts 

It’s safe to say that this year was totally stolen by the pink flamingo pool float. It has been crowned with a celebrity status after being featured on many popular Instagram accounts, representing the carefree summertime and chilling by the pool. Perhaps it’s time to give the charming pink animal the recognition it deserves; dive into 13 epic DIY flamingo crafts and celebrate the chic flamingo!

1. Tissue Paper Flamingo 


It’s time to go tissue paper shopping! Find one in the brightest shade of pink and visit Frog Prince Paperie to see how you’ll be using it to make a fancy flamingo. Use the final product as a charming decor piece or give it to a friend to commemorate the year you all floated on a pink flamingo all summer long!

2. Flamingo Gift Bag 


If you are in charge of organizing a party you know that every small detail is important. You want your guests to feel like royalty from beginning to end. Never underestimate the impact a simple gift bag can have! Oh Happy Day will show you how to make special flamingo gift bags that will charm absolutely everybody!

3. Flamingo Ring Toss Game 


If you love playing backyard games with your family and friends, Sugar and Cloth has a fantastic DIY game of ring toss that you definitely have to make if you appreciate the hype of a pink flamingo! Nothing can beat a classic game with a trendy upgrade!

4. Flamingo Party Decor 


Party decorations define the whole space and set the theme of your celebration. You’ll want to choose wisely, since the right (or wrong) party decor can be the main talk in all group chats for weeks to come! If you’re ready to be known as the best party host in town, Bird’s Party will help you seal the deal with DIY flamingo party decorations!

5. Flamingo Marquee Light 


Make sure your desk has a colorful and trendy style by blessing it with an innovative flamingo marquee light! You’ll never get bored of the vibrant pink and your desk space is going to have the most youthful, modern look, perfect for creating your best work! Check out the tutorial at Brit + Co.

6. Flamingo Float Donut 


We can’t possibly say no to donuts, so when we saw these flamingo donuts that look exactly like the famous pool float, we knew we had to share them with you! Craftberry Bush shares the step-by-step and then it’s up to you to either share them with your friends or munch all of them yourself!

7. Pom Pom Flamingo 


Sometimes a tiny ornament can make a big difference. Whether you’re decorating your home for a party or wrapping some birthday gifts, the pom pom flamingos featured at Kittenhood will definitely come in handy. They are as subtle as they are stunning!

8. Flamingo Wall Lamps 


Tired of the boring wall lamps? Visit Aww Sam and learn how to make your own flamingo lamp as an absolutely unique piece in your home! Not only will the lamp light up the space (obviously!), it’s also going to give it a lively look with it’s cheerful pink color!

9. Flamingo Pencil Holder 


A pink flamingo pencil holder is definitely something you don’t see every day. If you are ready to bring this lovely pencil holder to life, check in with A Kailo Chic Life and follow the tutorial. Your desk will soon be richer for a lovely flamingo that will surely be the centerpiece of the space!

10. Flamingo Summer Globe 


Forget snow globes, summer globes are here! Capture summer in a jar and keep it as a memento of all the good times you’ve had this year. A pink flamingo can’t be missing from such a globe, as it captures the essence of this year’s summertime! Gray Malin has all the details!

11. Flamingo Door Wreath 


What better way to greet your house guests than by a jolly flamingo on the front door!   It’s immediately going to make a cheerful first impression and everyone in the neighborhood will love driving past your house just to catch a glimpse of the pink ornament. Get the inside scoop at Wholesale Party Supplies!

12. Flamingo Tote Bag 


Show off your love for the famous pink flamingo by making it a part of your daily fashion! Tote bags are a wonderful accessory that is super convenient to take everywhere with you and according to PMQ for Two it also happens to be the perfect piece to feature a cheeky flamingo!

13. Flamingo Mirrors


Maybe you want to honor the charming flamingo in your home, but you don’t want to commit to it dominating the space with its bright pink color. Say no more, The Pretty Life Girls has got you covered! These flamingo mirrors are the perfect piece for homeowners who love both flamingos and simplicity!

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