DIY & Crafts: Ready for School: 15 Stylish DIY Pencil Pouches 

The school year has just kicked off and we want you to be super prepared! If you’re all caught up on our must-have DIY school essentials, you might still be missing some stylish ideas for a pencil pouch that will be your companion to all of the most important classes. Pick something colorful, uplifting and with an interesting pattern; find it all with these 15 DIY pencil pouches!

1. Tropical Pencil Pouch 


A whole day of classes usually means a lot of knowledge, but just as much tiredness. If you have a tendency to doze off in your afternoon classes, a bright and cheerful pencil pouch is just what you need to influence you with vibrant colors and keep you awake! Get the tutorial at Positively Splendid.

2. Modern Pencil Pouch 


A chic and modern pencil pouch with a unique pattern is the perfect choice for college this year. It has a serious look, thanks to the calm color hues, but nonetheless appears interesting and youthful. Check in with Alice & Lois to get your hands on the sewing tutorial!

3. Heavy Fabric Pencil Pouch 


Your pencil pouch will go to school with you every day and you want it to last the entire year, preferably even longer, without being damaged. eHow will show you how a beautiful pencil pouch is made from sustainable heavy fabric with a dynamic look!

4. Pink Pencil Pouch 


If you prefer gentle colors you need to make this charming pink pencil pouch by Gathered Threads! However gentle the shade of pink, it’s still going to catch the eyes of many classmates. It’s cheerful and it has a lot of space for your big collection of pens and pencils!

5. Ring Binder Pencil Pouch 


Do you like to keep all of your school essentials in one place to avoid being disorganized? We think that’s a great strategy! You can easily include a lovely pencil pouch in your ring binder by following the instructions at The Cottage Mama.

6. Candy Wrapper Pencil Pouch 


Candy addicts, your late-night snacking habits are about bear some very ripe fruit!  Here’s an opportunity for you to turn those candy wrappers into pencil pouches that will serve you all year long and always encourage you to buy some more candy – after all, it has just proven to be super useful! Get all the details Baking and Blankets.

7. Drawstring Pencil Pouch 


Big pencil pouches can take over much of your school bag. If you want to avoid that, a smaller pencil pouch is what you need! Despite its tiny size, this drawstring pencil pouch is big enough to store your favorite pencils without taking over the whole school bag. You’ll learn how to make it at Threading my Way!

8. Flat Pencil Pouch 


There are many different ways to make a pencil pouch; the designs are various and original. One of the chicest and fanciest ways to sew a pencil pouch is to make it flat. It’s going to look like a little elegant purse and may even be used as such someday in the future. Find out all about it That’s My Letter!

9. Palm Leaf Pencil Pouch 


Persia Lou made a pencil pouch with a palm leaf motive and we can definitely see it inspiring you to daydream of palm trees and turquoise ocean water while stuck in class on a rainy day. If you have an upbeat lively style, this pouch will totally suit you!

10. Shark Pencil Pouch 


If you are fascinated by sharks, Patchwork Posse‘s shark pencil pouch has to be a part of your school gear! It has a strangely realistic look and when it’s open it looks as if the shark is eating your pencils. This is definitely one of the most creative pencil pouches we’ve ever seen!

11. Denim Pencil Pouch 


Denim is one of those materials that is considered to be in style no matter what the current trends are! It also has a strong 90’s appeal, which makes this pencil pouch by DIY Tutorial Ideas a suitable choice for students who are hit with a bit of nostalgia but still want to look trendy!

12. Charmed Pencil Pouch 


Picking out the fabric for your pencil pouch will understandably define its look the most, but there are still other ways to decorate it; for example, with special zipper charms! Visit Sweet Verbena if you are curious about charmed pencil pouches!

13. Felt Kitten Pencil Pouch 


The age doesn’t matter when it comes to kittens – we’ll always find them cute and adorable! Lia Griffith shares a DIY pencil pouch in the shape of a sweet kitten, made from felt. It’s soft, incredibly cute and really spacious. What more could you want!

14. Button Pencil Pouch 


The closing of a pencil pouch is an important factor to consider. If you like the simplicity of buttons and their charming look, don’t miss out on the vibrantly colored button pencil pouches featured at eHow!

15. Neon Pencil Pouch 


When you pull this pencil pouch out of your bag it definitely won’t go unnoticed! It has a defining neon look, but the inside is even more colorful and incredible than the outside! Check out the colorful explosion of this pencil pouch at Dear Handmade Life!

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